Monday, July 1, 2013

19 Fire Fighters Killed In Arizona Blaze

Crew of 19 elite firefighters killed in Arizona wildfire

This is a massive tragedy.

It shows the power of a forest fire as it consumes a wide swath of land - producing heat and smoke though which no living thing can survive.

These people risk their lives by putting themselves on the front lines, hoping to save cherished lands and wildlife.

Friday, June 21, 2013

The Deer Babies Are Here

(This is not a picture from my backyard)

The deer that had been hanging around in my backyard for the past few days, showed up with a DOE yesterday.  She had to give birth between Wednesday evening and Thursday morning.

I love watching the cycle of life in my backyard.
The young does zip around, playing with each other.

After an entire warm season of the adults eating my flowers, my tomatoes and my pears - the sight of their young makes it all worth it.

I honestly don't mind the deer eating my vegetation.  I can't stand the SQUIRRELS as they have no respect for anything.  The tree rats each all day, able to reach parts of my fruit trees that the deer can't.

I'd swear that years ago the deer were birthing their doe at the end of May.
I will update my mental record to note that mid-June is the target for delivery.

There were at least 3 pregnant females grazing in my backyard during the spring.  I will keep my eye out for 3 or 4 doe.  They use my yard as a transit point.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Former Leaders Under Glass - Collectivist Societies That Worship "Man"

CNN:  What's Behind The Embalming Of Dead World Leaders?

Lenin - Russia
Stalin - Russia
Mao - China
Ho Chi Minh - China
Marcos - Philippines
Peron - Argentina
Kim Il S
Kim Jong Il

Venezulea - Hugo Chavez

Friday, February 22, 2013

Moody's Downgrades The UK's Sovereign Credit - No One Will Use The Propaganda In America's Downgrade To Explain The UK's Situation


When appraising the two "Dung Producing Party Animals" in America who are fighting for control over the American steering wheel - it is best to take the framing of the events that they use to describe the American crisis - on the road and apply it to what is playing out elsewhere.

The FRAUD is exposed when you do so.

Look at the justification for the downgrade of the UK and think through what would be laid as the blame in the media and among politicians here in America if the same were to happen.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Values Of This Nation - As It Hits The Rocks

Marco Rubio is ultimately irrelevant in the long term history of this nation.

The bigger story is the level of consciousness and discipline that is expressed during the time of this nation's grand crisis.  The fact that some people don't even accept that there is a crisis - is a bigger problem.

If we could somehow meld the "Roof Is On Fire" spirit of the "Global Warming" crowd with the "Noting In This World Is Free - And Eventually You Are Going To Pay For This American Debt" into one chorus - then we'll go from the present state where each "Team has its own 'Thing' " over to the principle that caution and moderation is in order in both domains that promise to bring forth a "fatal fail"

The Gap Is Back

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