Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Home Owners Associations Vs The Green Economy

Solar panels cause clashes with homeowner groups

Next to a letter from the IRS - my worst fear is receiving a letter from my Home Owners Association:
  • The letter is asking me to pay my dues or pay for some special assessment to do emergency repairs
  • The letter is a demand that I get back into compliance after some unknown Gestapo member of the "Covenance Committee" did their periodic walk and noticed something was out of line with my house 
I live to hate the HOA but I do understand that they are ultimately working to assist my property values be retained or grow.

Funny enough - over the past 15 years I know of several friends that told me how easy going their HOA is, only to later see their property values plunge:
  • Neighbors failing to pay their annual dues and as a result the pool no longer opens
  • The HOA not following through on their threats to place a lien on the house if you don't pay
    • My HOA does not play.  They will put a lien on the house for anyone that does not pay their dues.

I believe that it is in everyone best interests for the HOA to accommodate reasonable designs for solar panel installations.  IF the panels are installed on the back portion of roof, not visible from the front of the house - they should approve it. 

If the front of the house is facing the sun and the installation would require the panels to be visible from the front - the home owner should be allowed to place the panels in their back yard.

CUMMING, Ga. — The government wants you to install solar panels at your house, and will even give you a tax break to do it. But your neighbors? Maybe not.

It's a lesson Angel and David Dobs discovered when their homeowners association north of Atlanta denied their request to install solar panels on their roof. Neighborhood officials said the panels would look out of place and might lower home values in a community that regulates details as fine as the coloring of roof tiles, the planting of trees and the storage of trash cans.
"It's like living under communism — someone gets to dictate every possible thing you do," David Dobs said.
Homeowners associations around the country have banned or severely restricted the installation of solar panels, and the solar industry has pushed back to halt the practice. A recent attempt in Georgia to expand the right to go solar had support from environmentalists and some Republican lawmakers concerned about private property rights but it succumbed to opposition from developers and real estate agents.


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