Friday, April 22, 2011

Money, Cars, My Wife

The following case marks the difference in thinking between my wife and I.


I receive a statement from the bank which shows that I only have 3 more payments left to pay off the car that I had purchased
My Reaction

 Upon seeing my balance I vow to not allow the bank to get their hooks in me for anything else, any time soon.   I pay off the balance early and wait for the day that they give me my damned title!!!

In a few weeks I receive my title and I kiss it.  This is MY CAR now.

A few days later I get a check from the bank.  The statement that they gave to me was actually a statement that did not incorporate my previous payment.  They refund to me one month's payment.

When the bank and the auto dealership that I purchased from subsequently tell me that:
  • The Bank: I qualify for a loan for a brand new car loan
  • The Car Dealer: They quote me the estimated value of my car and want me to purchase a new one
  • Another Dealer:  The truck that I had paid off 2 years ago is in "high demand" on the used car market.  They have a deal by which I can get a new truck.

I am not paying anything to anyone.

I call the Auto Insurance Company and tell them to knock me down to Liability Coverage Only.

No more pickpockets will control me!!
My Wife

My wife receives a statement that she has 3 more payments on her car and then asks:

"Do you think that I should trade in my car and upgrade to a new model"?
My Response

My Thoughts: WTH?

My Words: Why don't you use these next few months to apply that money that you had been spending on your car payments and apply it to your savings.

Do you want to take over one of the bills that I pay?

"But I do want this dress right here in this catalog for Mother's Day.  Can I get two dresses"?


Mars and Venus folks.  :-) 

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