Thursday, December 29, 2011

Two Strike Outs On My Hopes That K-mart Would Spare The Southside Of Atlanta

As I drove down I-75 in Atlanta I looked over to the K-Mart on Cleveland Ave and hoped that it would not be on the chopping block.

I was wrong.

Not only is the Cleveland Avenue location going to close the other location on Tara Blvd that I try to go out of my way to support is going to be shuttered.

While the Tara Blvd location's shoppers have a Wal-Mart that is in easy driving distance - the shoppers of the Cleveland Avenue location are from the neighboring community and they get a disproportionate amount of foot traffic.

The Sears store in Union City has already closed a few months ago.

This represents a loss of retail on the southside of Atlanta in certain communities.

I see the rampant building of "Family Dollar" stores all over the place.  I figured that Wal-Mart would be the casualty of the competition.  Clearly K-Mart is the one most hurt from their expanded presence.

4 Kmart stores to close in Atlanta area

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Chevy Volt Battery Problems - Who Killed The Electric Car II

GM Offers To Buy Back Chevy Volt From Customers Fearful About The Battery

Right next to the book "Diary Of An Economic Hitman" there sits a VHS video tape of the documentary film by left-wing muckraking investigative journalist Greg Palast called "Who Killed The Electric Car?"

As the story goes the GM "EV1" electric car was released by GM on a limited basis.  Upon receiving pressure from oil companies and other nefarious forces - GM - which leased the car to those who used it - took them all back and crushed them - thus destroying them all.

The documentary shows several owners of the EV1 that loved the car and were dumbfounded as to why GM was motivated to take it away.

This remains as one of the key conspiracy theories of the Progressive-Fundamenatalists.

What Mr Palast failed to detail is that BATTERY PROBLEMS were the root of the decision to pull the plug on the EV1. 

This all electric car that was sufficient to get a commuter to and from work on a single charge worked well initially.  As everyone who owns a laptop computer will attest to - over time that battery's sustainable power atrophies over time.   That fully charged battery that used to get you to work and back began to drain a few blocks from the owner's house on the way home, running up towing bills and consumer complaints.

The EV1 and The Volt

The present fate of the Volt proves to be very interesting.

Of course the original manufacture is ultimately liable for the performance of their product and - perish the thought - if it sparks a fire that spreads to the owners house.
It stands to reason that more "activist minded" individuals would tend to be first in line to "eat their own dog food", purchasing the electric car as a means of aligning their "Say No To Oil" disposition.

These "bleeding edge consumers" also get to "enjoy" the bugs that will be worked out as the pump is primed and the sales from previous units funds the research of the future units.  

When given the choice of "digesting the loss" for the kinks or holding the manufacturer liable - clearly the latter is the case.

With this in mind GM has the fiduciary responsibility to limit its exposure to liability by closely regulating what it puts and leaves on the market.   If the EV1 or the Volt proves to be a risk greater than its worth then indeed GM should do what is in its best interests - regardless of the violation of political correctness.

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Occupiers Of Student Seats At Penn State More Pissed That Football Coach Fired Than The Loss Of Their University President Has Been Sacked

As Penn State students riot for Joe Paterno, others ask 'why?'

The sign that this country is in massive trouble is evidenced by what can set some people off.

Football appears to be far more important than the academic concerns that instability in the leadership of the university might trigger and the question of the safety and pursuit of justice for the boys who were molested by the former assistant coach with a rogue sexual appetite.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

If A Corporation "Is Not Human" - Can It Possess "Greed" In Line With A Living Being

"Corporate Greed"

Is this a reference to the "corporate entity" or the human beings through which the human trait of "greed" is expressed?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Left-Wing Preacher Jim Walis - "Occupy Wall Street Protesters Stand With Jesus"


Would it be a surprise to anyone that the "Occupy Wall Street" protesters contain more:

  • Secular Progressives
  • Atheists 
  • Anti-Christian Rhetoriticians .........
than did the right-wing Tea Party?

Friday, October 7, 2011

Billionaire Olsen Twins Sell A $39,000 Backpack But Avoid Receiving Protests On

Mary Kate and Ashely are not targets of the "Outside of Wall Street" protests because, despite being billionaires they are not corporatists.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Indisputable Scientific Fact? First "The Big Bang Theory" Now Einstein's Theory In Doubt

AJC: Physicists wary of junking light speed limit yet

There is no crime in acknowledging that some things are beyond man's ability to understand them.

When the forces who believe that our present scientific understanding are absolute truth and then use this operating assumption to impugn others - as we later find out that it was THEIR theories that were flawed - a problem of credibility is created.

While I applaud those who engage in rigorous and disciplined though as they seek out the truth - it is also true that what they perceive as absolute is merely cast in the context of their own domain of understanding.

It is possible that there are particles that are traveling even faster than the neutrino that they now say travels a bit faster than light.  These objects are likely faster than man or machine's ability to observe their presence.

Or as Donald Rumsfeld said:
[T]here are known knowns; there are things we know we know.We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns – the ones we don't know we don't know.
From the AJC Story:
GENEVA — Physicists on the team that measured particles traveling faster than light said Friday they were as surprised as their skeptics about the results, which appear to violate the laws of nature aHundreds of scientists packed an auditorium at one of the world's foremost laboratories on the Swiss-French border to hear how a subatomic particle, the neutrino, was found to have outrun light and confounded the theories of Albert Einstein."To our great surprise we found an anomaly," said Antonio Ereditato, who participated in the experiment and speaks on behalf of the team.
An anomaly is a mild way of putting it.
Going faster than light is something that is just not supposed to happen, according to Einstein's 1905 special theory of relativity. The speed of light — 186,282 miles per second (299,792 kilometers per second) — has long been considered a cosmic speed limit.
The team — a collaboration between France's National Institute for Nuclear and Particle Physics Research and Italy's Gran Sasso National Laboratory — fired a neutrino beam 454 miles (730 kilometers) underground from Geneva to Italy.
They found it traveled 60 nanoseconds faster than light. That's sixty billionth of a second, a time no human brain could register.
"You could say it's peanuts, but it's not. It's something that we can measure rather accurately with a small uncertainty," Ereditato told The Associated Press.s we know them.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mexican Social Media "Trouble Makers" Hung From A Bridge As A Warning

Bodies hanging from bridge in Mexico are warning to social media users

I wonder if Arizona Jan Brewer said that she envisioned that this could happen in Arizona - would her enemies call her a bigot and say that it was not possible?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hats Off To Diana Nyad On Her Attempted Swim To Cuba

Nyad Puts Early End to Cuba-to-Florida Swim

She made it about 27.5 hours further than I could ever make it.
She has my respect.

MIAMI — Three miles off Havana on Sunday evening, the Florida Straits were still glasslike when 61-year-old marathon swimmer Diana Nyad felt her right shoulder seize up with pain. But she kept swimming.

At 1:30 p.m. Monday, with the ocean swells now buffeting her, Ms. Nyad was struck by a first-ever asthma attack and struggled to breathe. But she kept swimming.

Nearly twelve hours later, half-way between Cuba and her destination of Key West, Fla., Ms. Nyad was treading water when she began vomiting. She then reluctantly allowed herself to be pulled aboard a support boat named Bellisimo, where she was quickly wrapped in blankets. After swimming nearly 29 hours, Ms. Nyad abandoned her quixotic quest to complete the 60-hour, 103-mile journey, spread across three days, between Cuba and the United States.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Shaquille O'Neal And Kwame Kilpatrick Should Start Their Own Computer Security Firm

Former Employee Of Shaquille O'Neal Has Inside Information For A Lawsuit

Shaquille O'Neal apparently didn't learn how electronic communications while you are communicating with your "jump off" can come back to bite you. The saga of the former Hip Hop Mayor and his Skypager should have provided ample warning.

If you are going to use these new modes of communications to do your dirt then you should also understand how to clean up your 'electronic tracks'. I know that Mr O'Neal is a busy man but depending upon someone else to help you destroy evidence and then later severing your friendship/employment is not a good move.

Did the brother even have to sign a confidentiality agreement?

Monday, July 4, 2011

Denial Of Access To Porn Violates Inmate Rights

Jail inmate: Lack of porn violates US Constitution

MOUNT CLEMENS, Michigan — A Michigan jail inmate says he's being subjected to cruel and unusual punishment because he can't have pornography.

C'mon — what's not to like?

Hoof it over to Facebook to join the weird news herd.

In a handwritten lawsuit, 21-year-old Kyle Richards claims his civil rights are being violated at the Macomb County Jail. Richards says denying his request for erotic material subjects him to a "poor standard of living" and "sexual and sensory deprivation."

The Michigan Department of Corrections tells The Detroit News that prisons allow some pornographic material, though it's banned at the jail. The American Civil Liberties Union says prisons have a lot of leeway.

Richards was charged with bank robbery after police followed a trail of snowy footprints and dropped money to his apartment from a bank robbery scene in January in Fraser, north of Detroit.

Richards pleaded guilty. Sentencing is Aug. 2.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Which Of These Two Compulsory Pictures From The Government Do Progressives Oppose?

In both cases a picture is induced by government mandate to bring to awareness of the consumer of the picture that their actions will have an impact on a human life.

Only one if these proposals have brought outrage from Progressives though.   They say that the government is going to far and are trying to intimidate people.

A Fetal Sonogram Prior To An Abortion Cigarette Warning Labels
New FDA Warning Labels For Cigarette Packs

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Fiscal Problems In Europe And Greece Shows The Pending Shift In Global Financial Power

You probably do not have the Flash Player (Get Adobe Flash Player Here) installed for your browser or the video files are misplaced on your server!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Men Who Sleep With Men Must Concern Themselves With "Anal Hygiene"

Lessons On Anal Cleansing For Men

"Most porn improperly validates these concerns because everyone in porn is impeccably clean. "

If one is forced to prepare for sex so extensively - might it be providing some intrinsic information back to the two (or more) participants as to the actual function of that particular orifice? 

The reason many of us are concerned about anal cleansing is because of being dirty. We were conditioned from a young age to be embarrassed about it. Just look at the expression of someone changing a baby's diaper sometime - ever think that those feelings get transferred to the baby? Of course they do! Many of us still carry some trauma from these experiences. This is a natural bodily function and is nothing to be embarrassed about. Besides all the cleaning you do will be private - no one else needs to be with you to clean yourself out.
I don't recommend using laxatives to help clean your digestive tract. Laxatives can cause dehydration and their regular use can be harmful to your digestive system.
You'll be using water to clean out. Be sure to pay attention to the temperature of the water you use. The nerves inside the rectum are designed to sense pressure (when you feel this pressure you note that you need to go to the bathroom.) These nerves don't sense temperature very well, so you could harm yourself by using hot water. Cold water won't hurt you but can give some men cramps. Be sure to check the temperature of the water before you insert it. I recommend the "baby bottle" test. Splash a bit on the inside of your wrist - just like testing a baby's bottle. The water should be comfortably lukewarm on the inside of your wrist.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Unions At Frontere Airlines Show How To Make Concessions When There Are No "Rich People" To Go After

Frontier pilots agree to concessions worth millions for embattled airline

With the airline's very existence at stake the pilot's union at Frontere Airlines are to be applauded for doing the right thing to ensure that their employer survives another day.  For their sacrifice they were given shares in the company and thus some "skin in the game".

This is how it should work.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I Could Not Deal With Such A Woman As This

She had better find a 100% compatible partner because with her inability to alter her views for real world circumstances - whom ever she lives with is going to be miserable as they attempt to accommodate her.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Doctors Union In Greece Protest Government Cuts To Their Pay

Greece: Police clash with striking doctors

The future of America when "Single Payer" meets fiscal insolvency.

ATHENS, Greece — Police clashed with doctors protesting outside the Health Ministry in central Athens Friday over cutbacks enacted in response to Greece's financial crisis.
Riot police used pepper spray to disperse protesters outside the ministry building during the brief clashes as doctors and staff at public hospitals in greater Athens held a three-hour work stoppage.
Greece's largest unions are planning a general strike on May 11. The government announced a new round of cuts last month, that include a €15 billion ($22.22 billion) privatization program.
The country is battling to avoid restructuring its massive debt and to meet demands for faster cost-cutting reforms by the providers of its €110 billion rescue loan package.
A strike by Portuguese civil servants against austerity measures Friday had little impact on public services, though unions reported disruption to trash collection and hospital staffing levels.

Portugal's National Federation of Civil Service Unions, which called the 24-hour strike, said around 60 percent of Lisbon trash collection staff stayed away from work and most emergency staff at main hospitals walked off the job. Minimum hospital staffing levels, which are required by law, were provided.
Some schools canceled classes and several hospitals postponed scheduled operations, but court hearings and national school exams largely went ahead as scheduled and most public offices were open, according to media reports from around the country.
The unions, which represent around 250,000 workers, are fighting austerity measures that are part of the country's €78 billion ($115 billion) bailout designed to avert national bankruptcy.
Portugal is freezing public sector pay through 2013, hiking taxes and cutting welfare benefits in return for the financial rescue package from other European countries and the International Monetary Fund which was agreed Thursday.
Austerity policies have also triggered strikes in Greece and Ireland, two other ailing eurozone countries which took bailouts last year.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

San Francisco Set To Vote On Fines For Circumcision Of Babies In The City

San Francisco to vote against male circumcision

I guess after saying "Keep your government off of our wombs" - the leftist in San Francisco seek to use the hand of government to protect a little boy's penis from the scalpel.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Money, Cars, My Wife

The following case marks the difference in thinking between my wife and I.


I receive a statement from the bank which shows that I only have 3 more payments left to pay off the car that I had purchased
My Reaction

 Upon seeing my balance I vow to not allow the bank to get their hooks in me for anything else, any time soon.   I pay off the balance early and wait for the day that they give me my damned title!!!

In a few weeks I receive my title and I kiss it.  This is MY CAR now.

A few days later I get a check from the bank.  The statement that they gave to me was actually a statement that did not incorporate my previous payment.  They refund to me one month's payment.

When the bank and the auto dealership that I purchased from subsequently tell me that:
  • The Bank: I qualify for a loan for a brand new car loan
  • The Car Dealer: They quote me the estimated value of my car and want me to purchase a new one
  • Another Dealer:  The truck that I had paid off 2 years ago is in "high demand" on the used car market.  They have a deal by which I can get a new truck.

I am not paying anything to anyone.

I call the Auto Insurance Company and tell them to knock me down to Liability Coverage Only.

No more pickpockets will control me!!
My Wife

My wife receives a statement that she has 3 more payments on her car and then asks:

"Do you think that I should trade in my car and upgrade to a new model"?
My Response

My Thoughts: WTH?

My Words: Why don't you use these next few months to apply that money that you had been spending on your car payments and apply it to your savings.

Do you want to take over one of the bills that I pay?

"But I do want this dress right here in this catalog for Mother's Day.  Can I get two dresses"?


Mars and Venus folks.  :-) 

Health Care - One Of The Few Areas Of Job Growth Will Suffer Cuts As ObamaCare Seeks To Control Costs

Obama’s two jobs problems

The only point of this posting is to say " There Is No Free Lunch".

Economics is one of painful choices.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Obama Administration National Labor Relations Board Tries To Twist The Arm Of Boeing To Build A New Plant In Washington State

Boeing Must Add 787 Line After Union Retaliation, U.S. Says

An American company uses it ECONOMIC FREEDOM to build a brand new $750 Million dollar assembly plant in South Carolina.  The unions are pissed about their decision to build the plant in a "Right To Work State" - desperate for economic development in support of its 'vulnerable people'.  The Obama administration rules that Boeing should add a second shift for its 787 production in WASHINGTON - the government's hand reaching into the board room of a corporation where the union failed to do so.

South Carolina Lawmakers Livid About Ruling On Boeing
NLRB Tries To Block SC Assembly Plant

"Boeing has every right under both federal law and its collective bargaining agreement to build additional U.S. production capacity outside of the Puget Sound region," Luttig said.

Rep. Tim Scott, a first-term North Charleston Republican on the House GOP leadership team, accused President Barack Obama of playing politics to appease his pro-labor allies.

"Such heavy-handed tactics on behalf of the president's union supporters are an affront to the people of the Palmetto State who voted overwhelmingly in support of a constitutional amendment guaranteeing workers the right to secret ballots in union elections," Scott said.

Obama's chief of staff, Bill Daley, was on Boeing's board of directors in October 2009 when it voted unanimously to build the Dreamliner's new final-assembly line at the North Charleston site, a $750 million investment projected to create 3,800 jobs in South Carolina.

Read more:

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cuban Government Hints At Term Limits For Future Political Officials

Cuba's Castro proposes setting limits for public office

After 50 years of unchecked power the Castro brothers have seen the light and believe that term limits are a good thing.

Havana, Cuba (CNN) -- Cuban President Raul Castro on Saturday proposed setting term limits for public office in a country where two brothers have ruled for more than 50 years.
"We have arrived at the conclusion that it is advisable to limit the fundamental political and state offices to a maximum period of two consecutive periods of five years," Castro said at the inauguration of a critical Communist Party meeting.
After his 1959 revolution, Fidel Castro was in power until 2006, when illness forced him to hand the reins over to his younger brother Raul Castro.
Raul Castro was officially elected in 2008.
At the Communist Party Congress -- the first in 14 years -- Castro also said it was time for a "systematic rejuvenation of the whole chain of party and administrative posts," including the president of the party and of the Council of Ministers.

But he also said Cuba's leadership had failed to prepare a younger generation to take over, leaving them without "a reserve of substitutes who were adequately prepared."

Friday, April 15, 2011

More Bodies Found In Mexican Mass Grave

More Bodies Found In Mass Grave In Mexico

Mexico City (CNN) -- Thirteen more bodies of men have been uncovered from a series of mass graves in northeastern Mexico, bringing the total to 72, officials in Tamaulipas state said Friday.
Eight mass graves were found near the town of San Fernando on Wednesday, and two more had been found by Friday, according to the Tamaulipas secretary of state. All the bodies appear to be those of Mexican nationals.
Authorities found the graves during an investigation into a report of the kidnapping of passengers from a bus in late March. The investigation led them to San Fernando, the same place where in August of last year, the bodies of 72 immigrants were found at a ranch.
This time, authorities arrested 11 suspects and rescued five hostages, the state attorney general's office said.
Forensic investigators will examine the bodies in an attempt to identify them and to see if they are the missing bus passengers.
Tamaulipas Gov. Egidio Torre Cantu has condemned the violence, saying he would work with federal authorities to find and punish those responsible.
"These reprehensible acts underline the cowardice and the total lack of scruples of the criminal organizations, which generate violence in our country, and especially in the state of Tamaulipas," the office of Mexican President Felipe Calderon said in a statement.
Amnesty International also called on Mexico to fully investigate, and it criticized the country's efforts to protect its citizens and migrants passing through.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Gas Prices In 'Firing Range' Of All-Time High

CNN: Gas Prices In 'Firing Range' Of All-Time High

Here are the average prices in some other cities:
-- Chicago - $4.11
-- Seattle - $3.85
-- Boston - $3.71
-- Houston - $3.67
-- Atlanta - $3.61
-- Memphis, Tennessee - $3.56
-- Denver - $3.49

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Socialists & The Bombing Of Libya - It Was So Much Easier To Call Bush A Warmongerer

From The Solidarity web site

For socialists and for antiwar forces, the events in Libya have presented – and continue to present – agonizing political and ethical choices. It is entirely logical and inevitable that thoughtful activists find themselves in disagreement among each other, and indeed in internal conflict within themselves, over questions raised by the Libyan popular uprising and by the military intervention of the western powers. Recognizing the difficulties of the situation is the essential first step for the international left to work through them.


espite whatever disagreements may exist within the international left and antiwar forces, we must remain unified in our unqualified opposition to the imperialist wars and occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan, our support for the struggles of the Palestinian people, and in our support for the democratic Arab Uprising -- which is bringing new hopes for political freedom and social justice for tens of millions of people whose basic rights have counted for nothing in the world powers’ cynical games of oil and geopolitics.

Friday, March 25, 2011

For Once Can I Eat In An Airport Restaurant Without Someone Blowing Their Nose In Public?

I have noticed a pattern.
For the last several times that I have sat down to eat at a restaurant in various airports someone has decided that it was proper etiquette to pull out a tissue and blow their nose as I was eating.

This is disgusting and causes me to lose my appetite.

With all of the bathrooms nearby couldn't these people wipe their noses in the restaurant and then go into the bathroom to blow their nose?

I don't want to imagine "snot" coming out of someone's nose as I am eating.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

$62 For A Pair Of Chuck Taylors???

My initial happiness over the news that my daughter wanted canvas sneakers were quickly dashed when I saw the price.  $62?

If these were leather I could understand.
These are merely a more colorful reincarnation of the old standard that I grew up with years ago.

I actually preferred Pro Keds

Monday, March 7, 2011

20 Year Old Female Police Chief In Mexican Border Town Resigns After Death Threats - Heads To America For Protection

20 Year Old Female Mexican Police Chief Resigns After Death Threats From Drug Lords, Flees to The USA For Protection

Those in America who choose to keep their head in the sand regarding the threat of the lawlessness in the land south of the border that will no doubt stream northward should be held accountable when the lawlessness becomes the prevailing order on this side of the border.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


This picture up above is how close I cam to shelling out $250 bucks and about 2 hours worth of labor today.

Yesterday I heard a tremendous thud coming from my garage.  I figured that the kids had knocked over some of my junk in the garage as they brought their bikes back in.   When I went upstairs to check it out - it was my wife who had come home and her garage door opening mechanism had malfunctioned.

The main spring which assists in lifting the door had broken.  After 13 years it had lived a good life.  I went to Lowes and purchased another one that same day, replacing it myself.  I felt good as she told me that the neighbor had recently experienced the same thing but her husband called out a repair man to do the job.  Though I still have some grease under my fingernails it was worth it to see how the components work together and then figure out how to replace the damaged part myself.  I am keeping my money to myself as much as I can today.

Since I bought two springs but only installed one as a replacement for the damaged unit it seems that the new spring is stronger than the other one and thus the door's balance is a little off.  This showed itself by the fact that the door fails to close 10% of the time.  I applied some lubrication (since this did the trick a few months ago).   The jury is still out on if it worked.

This morning after running through the open and close cycle about 8 times the garage door opener died on me.  The dome light went out as the most immediate sign.   I tried the other door and it worked fine.  I went to the circuit breaker box to flip the switch a few times.  Nope - still broken.

I took the plastic casing off of the head.  I vowed not to get shocked while performing my inspection.  Nothing but circuit boards and a motor.  Nothing I could do.   I plugged the unit into an extension cord to see if the electrical socket had went bad.  Still as dead as the collection of bugs that were in the plastic housing.

I went to the web site of Genie (the site sux), Home Depot and Lowes.   I had contented myself that after 13 years it was due for replacement.  I was going to get the more powerful motor in order to avoid the problems that I had faced with sticky bearings.

About one hour later as I went to my car to retrieve some items - I had forgotten all about the problems with the garage door opener.  I pressed the button as I normally do - and IT OPENED.  


It just needed to cool down for a few after I had worked it during my testing.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Arizona To Get $5B Intel Chip Manufacturing Plant And 4,000 Jobs - So Much For The Boycott

Intel to spend $5 billion on new 14nm fab in Arizona, create 4,000 new jobs this year

Engadget Story

When Paul Otellini isn't too busy talking about being jilted by Nokia, he spends his time hosting presidents and splashing billions of dollars on new manufacturing facilities. Intel's CEO is wrapping his tumultuous week on a high note, having welcomed Barack Obama to Chipzilla's Oregon facility and treated the president to the happy news that Intel will invest $5 billion back into the US economy by building its most advanced fab yet -- which will introduce an impossibly small 14nm production process -- in Arizona, to begin operation in 2013. Construction starts in the middle of this year and is expected to create "thousands" of jobs, both temporary and permanent. Aside from that, Otellini has disclosed Intel's intention to create 4,000 new jobs in the US, mostly in R&D and product development. Music to Obama's ears, we're sure.

Debate Over "Pepsi Skinny Can" Americans Have It Too Good

Diet Pepsi 'skinny' can stirs up big controversy

Fresh off of the outrage over the Pepsi MX commercial aired during the Super Bowl it seems that people are after Pepsi once again.  This time people are pissed that the new "slim can", which has a reduced diameter but is taller - sends a hidden message to people who are battling with weight related hangups, regarding how "thin is in".

 In this debate we have lost sight of the billions of people around the world who:

  • Only wish they'd had access to clean water - in a can or otherwise
  • Have "weight problems" induced by involuntary famine which triggers the malnutrition that they suffer from

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Billy Ray Cyrus - Fame Around "Hannah Montana" Destoryed My Family

Billy Ray Cyrus: ‘Hannah Montana' destroyed my family

The grass is not always greener on the other side when you are loaded with green cash.

Sounds like Billy Ray would rather have his family back together than have the spotlight.

Rihanna's Perfume - Web Presence

Feels So Good Feels So Bad

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cuba Frees Two Political Prisoners

Cuba frees 2 political prisoners against their wishes

Atlas Shrugged - The Movie

"Atlas Shrugged" Screened At The GOPAC Convention

This film is likely to start the next round of the ideological wars between left and right.

The "statist confiscators" versus the "meritocracy capitalists".

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Global Food Prices Begin To Rise - Fueling Economic Concerns In Some Nations

World Food Prices Hit Record High

A few years ago there was a price spike on rice and grains.

This year most food categories are rising in price.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Police Chief And 38 Policemen Resign In Mexican Town After Colleagues Beheaded

Mexican town's cops quit after colleagues beheaded

Even though the Arizona Governor Jan Brewer was about 1,000 miles off - there is indeed a problem with decapitation murders in "civil war" ravaged Mexico.

If nothing else - please note how the various politicos that were aggressive in going after their political enemy in the governor's seat are all too quiet in reporting upon the carnage that is taking place below the border.

View Larger Map

MONTERREY, Mexico — The police chief and all 38 police officers of a northeastern Mexican town have quit following a series of drug cartel attacks, including the decapitation of two of their colleagues.

Soldiers, state and federal police had been deployed to patrol General Teran, a town along a notorious drug-smuggling route to the U.S. border, said Mayor Ramon Villagomez.

The police quit after the discovery Wednesday of the mutilated bodies of two officers who had been kidnapped by gunmen two days earlier.

The killings followed three attacks on the police headquarters since December. Gunmen hurled grenades and sprayed the building with machine-gun fire.

Villagomez said another police officer has been missing for weeks in the town of 14,500 people southwest of the industrial city of Monterrey.

Mass police resignations have been common in small towns in Mexico. Municipal police complain they are outnumbered and outgunned by Mexico's brutal drug cartels, who frequently stage bold attacks on security forces with semiautomatic assault rifles and grenades.

President Felipe Calderon has introduced a proposal in Congress to dissolve Mexico's more than 2,000 municipal police forces. They would be replaced by a single force for each of Mexico's 31 states.

Municipal police are generally underpaid susceptible to corruption. Many have only an elementary school education. In some towns, police have protested that they lack bullets and flak jackets.

Villagomez said General Teran's officers earned around 9,200 pesos ($760) per month.

Monday, January 24, 2011

High Educational Cost Increases Escape Government Regulatory Cost Controls Akin To Health Care

Student loans leave crushing debt burden

Notice that people with a certain ideological proclivity seem to go after corporations and banks while skipping over "their friends".

When health care was said to be escaping from people's ability to access it due to price increases - the service providers, the insurance companies were targeted for regulation.

Now that we see that higher education costs are spiralling out of control - the first shot was to remove the banks as loan service providers.  No effort has been made to regulate the invoices presented by the schools known as tuition. 

It is really the "student loans" that are leaving the burden or the tuition increases?

The way the title is set up the authors are seeking more government subsidy into education but most certainly not cost controls.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

American Solar Panel Firm Packs Up Shop - Moves To China

Green Jobs In Red China

Evergreen Solar Receives $43 In Assistance From Massachusetts - Moves To China

If nothing else, people, please understand that ECONOMIC TRUTH must be factored into your lofty dreams of a green economy.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Cruise Ship Docks In Cuba

Cash-strapped communist nation welcomes cruising industry once again

I look forward to the day when travel will be opened to Cuba.
This is a beautiful island with a rich culture to share with the world.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Anarchists In Europe And Around The World Exact Violence To Get Their Way

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  2. European Anarchists Grow More Violent, Coordinated  

When there is a sympathetic intent to avoid the indictment of a group who acts violently the typical course of action is to under-report the story.

Mexico Revamps Its Own Immigration System After Masacre Of Central American Immigrants Transiting To The USA

Move comes after 2010 saw some of the worst atrocities ever against illegal migrants

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is poised to receive a collective apology from the American far left who tried to make HER the issue instead of addressing the issues of unchecked violence that she feared flowing into her state.

MEXICO CITY — Mexico plans a shake-up of its corruption-ridden immigration institute, officials said, after a year that saw some of the worst atrocities against illegal migrants trekking through the country — including the mass slaughter of 72 Central and South Americans trying to reach the United States.

The dismissals early this week will include several top directors of the National Institute for Migration, according to two government officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the decision has not been made public.

The government of President Felipe Calderon also plans to reform practices that have led to omissions, oversights and acts of corruption, though the officials didn't provide details.

The hardships migrants face in Mexico have long been a source of discomfort for a country that lobbies hard for better treatment of its own immigrants in the United States.

The shake-up comes less than two weeks after El Salvador reported the kidnapping of 50 migrants from a train in the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca.

Mexico angered its Central American neighbors by initially denying the Dec. 16 abduction took place, but now says it is investigating and has several migrants who escaped in protective custody. El Salvador later denounced a second kidnapping in Oaxaca: nine migrants who apparently were taken from a train Dec. 22. Five escaped and reported the kidnapping and one was killed trying to flee, the Salvadoran Foreign Relations Department said in a statement.

The bodies of 72 migrants were found Aug. 24 at a ranch about 100 miles (80) kilometers south of the U.S. border they were trying to reach. Authorities have said the migrants were killed by the Zetas drug gang after refusing to work as traffickers. The Zetas have also been linked to the disappearance of the 50.