Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Which Is A Bigger Threat IN The USA? Factory Farms Or The Increase In Hunger Due To Lack Of Food?

Data Shows 20 Percent Growth in Factory Farming In Past 5 Years

Gotta love those activists.
They are able to argue about the danger of our present circumstances both coming and going.
I suspect that if America did not have an abundance of "corporate" factory farms where there is a high concentration of farm animals or large farming operations that make use of chemicals then they would be focused on the presence of malnutrition in America and how our capitalistic system creates resource imbalances.

Now that America's "factory farms" have risen to the challenge to keep our population fed the indictment against them is the concentration of living animals for food stock into small spaces and questions of how chemicals used in farming might be harming the water table.

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