Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Serial Violent Protests In European Cities Go Underreported

Antigovernment ire is the only common thread among fed-up Europeans of diverse backgrounds and goals.

Subtitle: Biting The Hands That Redistribute Their Feed

In American political discourse over the past 3 years the right-wing Tea Party was called a "hate group" by their progressive-fundamentalist enemies.  A small sampling of the signs with hateful messages held at certain rallies sufficed in the claim that they would lynch vulnerable people if this movement is not stopped.

The American Tea Party does not like the policies of the government and they would use violence to get their way.  Their claims against the government were seen as irrational.

If we take the same framework and apply it to Europe a stunning reversal in sentiment is seen.  In Europe left-wing anarchists are on the street protesting government austerity cuts that are made to keep the nations' economies in balance (or return to such a state).  Instead of having their behavior in public checked for the fear of being labeled "violent" their actions appear to be in line with the prescriptions which tell the individuals to take to the streets to force their government to hear them.

Few people cross-reference the discombobulation between left and right perceptions of violence between the USA and the rest of the world.

  • In America the left casts an indictment against the right wing that they seek to "turn back the clock" to the days of violent oppression.
  • Those same individuals in the American left that can be heard making positive references to Europe (Bill Maher) seem to be silent about the present violence
  • The oppression in certain Islamic nations as the work to restrict civil liberties of the little people is turned inside out as the American left views the Islamic minority in America as a victim of right-wing Christian oppression.   Those who have an eye upon any growth in Islamic entrenchment as they fear that Shari law might one day get a foot hold are called bigoted. Thus we see that individuals who can articulate the threat of "American Imperialism" around the world are disinclined to make a connection about Islamic dogma.  (Note - not all Islamic sects are as culturally oppressive as these others)

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