Sunday, November 28, 2010

Police Blast Their Way Into "Victory" Against Drug Gangs In Rio De Janeiro

Armored vehicles roll into Rio de Janeiro slum

If there is a "Stop Police Violence" movement in Brazil they ought to start a march there soon.

(CNN) -- Authorities launched a massive sweep of the Alemao favela complex in northern Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Sunday morning.
Military police told reporters they were entering the virtually impenetrable labyrinth of slums, searching for drug gang leaders and illegal drugs.
CNN affiliate TV Record showed images of armored vehicles entering the slum Sunday morning, followed closely by police trucks and helicopters equipped with military rifles.
Police told TV Record that they had arrested at least nine people, confiscated heavy weapons and seized four tons of marijuana.
On Saturday, police spokesman Mario Sergio Duarte declared an ultimatum against drug gangs in the complex, stating that a military attack was imminent.

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