Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Am Glad That The 2010 Election Season Is Over!!!!

America really needs to check itself on the campaigns that leads up to the elections.   There is far too much ignorance and negativity expressed in many of these campaigns.  This does nothing more than to stoke the group think and tribalism within the ranks of Americans.

Worst of all these contentious groups do nothing more than sell false hope that will never come true for the majority of their loyal supporters.   The United States has a $13,000 billion deficit because the promises have outlasted the MONEY to pay for them.

I believe that the present political system that is charged with assigning the stewards of the national treasury is ultimately the main threat to the treasury and the ultimate financial solvency for the nation.  Sadly neither party is charged with prioritizing the long term best interests of the nation.  We respond to the latest crisis at hand.  The previous shot gun decisions often imperil us in the future.

The short term election night high or depression that is suffered as "your side" wins or loses should not be mistaken for the long term situation that will undoubtedly impact the entire "ship" that both are riding on.

No I don't have a better systems to offer.   Unfortunately the long term fiscal un-viability of this entire fiat economy is going to be the most prominent force that precipitates a change.

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