Friday, October 8, 2010

NJ Governor Kills NJ-NY Tunnel Project. Says State Can't Afford It

CNN: N.J. governor kills Hudson River tunnel project

What do you do when you are in a financial hole?
Stop digging tunnels.

It appears that NJ Governor Chirstie is an "anti-Keynesian".  Many would argue that spending additional government money during a time of recession and on infrastructure for future benefit is the right thing to do to dig yourself out of the hole.

Christie took a sober look at his state's finances and realized that it was this type of expansionary thinking in the past that created the debt situation.

I personally empathize with both sides of the issue.

My own views have changed since I attended the "Fiscal Wakeup Tour" that warned of the problems with unchecked debt in the US.  They warned that the nation is going to have to drastically cut spending and that the tax increases that they do make will need to be targeted at debt reduction rather than new entitlement spending.

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