Saturday, October 2, 2010

My First Homecooked Tofu w/ Stir Fried Vegetables

I am trying to switch to a more vegetarian diet.

As with most other dietary migrations - I have to first master how to prepare and season the dish and then get my wife and kids to go along after I get it matches their expectations for taste.

I liked the taste of the extra-firm tufu.  While I have to admit that I chewed upon it, hoping that it would have the consistency and flavor of chicken - the fact that it was taste neutral is not bad either.

I got my daughter to try a piece of tufu by linking it to her request for a container of yogurt.  She didn't hate it, saying that it had no taste.  Once again - this is a good thing.  If it had a strong after-taste she would not go with it.

My son is addicted to a brand of instant oriental soup that he ate at a Tae Kwon Do conference.  I pointed out that he was eating tofu.  I showed him the noodles and then pointed out that the other "noodle looking things" were not noodles.  It is TOFU.   He was already eating tofu.  He doesn't like the name.

If I can get my family to reduce our meat consumption and eat more vegetables then all of our dietary health will be improved.

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