Sunday, September 12, 2010

2 Killed In Quaran Burning Protests........In Afghanistan

2 killed in Afghan protest over Quran-burning plan

If we step back and make a dispassionate analysis of the "quaran burning" issue globally the truth is that the balance of the world who believe themselves to be "civilized and evolved" feared that the "savages" in the Muslim countries should not be riled up as they are known for their savage behavior.

Please note - I did not call them "savages". I made the case that this is how certain people view them.

No where in the media analysis is the question of how the "death penalty" is assigned to anyone who is perceived to be a part of the same gang as the offending preacher in Florida who threatened to burn the quaran.  The common relationship is their country of origin and the would be murdered person proximity for attack.

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