Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bono's "ONE" Campagin Gives Only 1% Of The Money Collected To Charity

Bono's One Campaign Gives 1% To Charity

Bono For Congress!!!
This is "government type" graft and incompetence

After all of the years of receiving e-mails from them - I thought they had more integrity than the Nigerian scammers.

Friday, September 24, 2010

7 Murdered Inside Of Mexican Resort Town - This Is No Big Deal Among The American Left Unless Arizona Governor Says Something About It

AJC: 7 killed in shootout in Mexican resort city

This story of the latest mass murder in Mexico has no legs unless Arizona Jan Brewer says that "Acapulco is a part of Arizona". If this doesn't happen the American left who are the protectors of Mexican interests will prove once again that their care for these people only extends to those who have made it across the border.

It seems to me that an increased amount of pressure needs to be directed upon the Mexican government to better address the situation that is spiraling out of hand down there, causing more people to seek to come to the USA to escape the chaos. Indeed the present state of the American economy has had a suppressive effect on illegal immigration. Once things get back to normal in a few years the flow will return to previous levels.

ACAPULCO, Mexico — Mexican authorities say seven people were killed in a shootout between rival drug gangs in the Pacific resort city of Acapulco.

Guerrero state investigative police director Fernando Monreal says gunmen used grenades and automatic rifles to attack a house in a residential area of Acapulco on Thursday.

The state of Guerrero, where Acapulco is located, has become a drug cartel battleground.

Authorities on Wednesday found the decapitated bodies of two men inside a car abandoned in the community of Kilometro 30, near Acapulco.

Nationwide, more than 28,000 people have died in drug violence since December 2006, when President Felipe Calderon launched a crackdown against drug traffickers.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

In Gulf Oil Spill - Though Government Trustee Of BP Oil Fund Is Behind He Is Not Being Attacked Like BP Was For Slow Payments

Feinberg, a month into job, acknowledges he oversold program speed, transparency

The independent paymaster overseeing BP oil spill claims admits that he oversold the speed and transparency of the program he took over a month ago, but his office still promises to make businesses whole.
Critics have charged payments have been slow in coming, and often for just pennies on the dollar, and that people have had difficulty getting information on their claims.
But Kenneth Feinberg, administrator of the Gulf Coast Claims Facility, told NBC News Thursday that his office is quickly catching up on payments to people who show they lost money due to the April oil spill.
In the first month of its program, the Gulf Coast Claims Facility says it’s paid 26,572 claims more than $349,271,301.
"We are being much more generous than BP," Feinberg said. "This will be a very generous program."
"We're working 24 hours a day, seven days a week in three shifts," he said. "We're doing now about 1,500 claims a day. I think that we're rapidly gaining the high ground now."

Sunday, September 12, 2010

2 Killed In Quaran Burning Protests........In Afghanistan

2 killed in Afghan protest over Quran-burning plan

If we step back and make a dispassionate analysis of the "quaran burning" issue globally the truth is that the balance of the world who believe themselves to be "civilized and evolved" feared that the "savages" in the Muslim countries should not be riled up as they are known for their savage behavior.

Please note - I did not call them "savages". I made the case that this is how certain people view them.

No where in the media analysis is the question of how the "death penalty" is assigned to anyone who is perceived to be a part of the same gang as the offending preacher in Florida who threatened to burn the quaran.  The common relationship is their country of origin and the would be murdered person proximity for attack.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Michael Moore: Build A Mosque Right Upon The Land That The World Trade Center Once Stood

Trending: Build Islamic center on Ground Zero, says Moore

I am not going to "bite" as the majority of people will scrutinize these comments.

Instead I am going to ask one question and then move on:

Do you think that there is any scenario in which Michael Moore would suggest building a conservative Christian church in the same spot?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

American Union Sues China Over Unfair Green Energy Practices As American Firm Near The Brink

WSJ: Steelworkers Blast China on Subsidies

The United Steelworkers filed a complaint with U.S. trade officials Thursday charging that China is unfairly subsidizing its clean-energy technology sector, presenting the White House with a potential political headache ahead of congressional elections in November.

The union's 5,800-page brief asks U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk to take action against China's efforts to build its green-technology manufacturing, from compact fluorescent light bulbs to wind turbines.

China has used "hundreds of billions of dollars in subsidies, performance requirements, preferential practices and other trade-illegal activities to advance its domination of the sector," the USW said in a statement.

However consider the plight of Evergreen Solar.  They are now a penny stock.

Whereas the environmentalists and the unions make the case that solar power is the way forward for American manufacturing - it appears that their vision is more of what they hope for one day than what the market actually bears out.  Ironically even Evergreen is planning to move its manufacturing operations to China. 

Here is the state of the market in Europe:

Attention has recently been focused on solar power following the success of the government's new feed-in tariff which has led to a steep increase in the number of solar panels being installed by householders.

This hasn't necessarily translated into good news for UK manufacturers: Oxfordshire-based PV Crystalox (PVCS), for instance, reported a sharp drop in first-half profit last month, hurt by a 'competitive trading environment' that triggered a 40% reduction in prices, despite improved demand. Shares are roughly 30% down since the beginning of the year.

Why isn't anyone investigating the notion that solar power panel manufacturing is a viable "growth" industry?

Mexico - Authorities Kill 25 Drug Traffickers In A Fierce

Mexican shootout leaves 25 drug suspects dead

With all due respect - if 25 drug suspects in the United States ended up dead while while "only" two police men were wounded - you can be sure that the activists in America would be up in arms against the police, demanding an investigation about the apparent "slaughter" and unbalanced the authorities.

It seems to me that the real issue in this immigration debate should be focused upon bringing Mexico closer to the standards of justice that the Unites States operates from instead of attempting to condemn the Unites States as being intolerant.

One thing is for sure - while Hillary Clinton reported the State of Arizona to the United Nations as an example of human rights violations - this particular incident involving the Mexican military won't be reported as such.

Mexico City (CNN) -- A shootout between soldiers and suspected drug dealers in northeast Mexico left 25 of the suspects dead, the regional military said Thursday.
After the fighting ended, soldiers captured a cache of weaponry and 23 vehicles, two of them painted to look like military vehicles, the military said.
The incident began when anti-drug forces flying over Ciudad Mier, south of the Rio Grande, observed armed people in front of a building, the military said.
Once they saw they were being observed, the armed people drove off, the military said.
Soldiers were dispatched on the ground. When they approached the building, they were greeted with gunfire and responded with their own, the military said.
The soldiers also freed three people whom the suspects were holding, the military said.
Two of the soldiers were wounded.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Killing Fields Called Mexico

Mexico drug war: the new killing fields

In the first of a three-part investigation, Rory Carroll reports from the gateway to America, at the centre of drug cartel violence that has claimed 28,000 lives

Sadly some people are more interested in having Arizona Governor Brewer to prove that decapitated Mexicans have ever been found in the Arizona side of the Sonora Desert than they have any interest in noting that the desert which spans the border between the nations and the landmass that is connected to the desert now holds the blood of 28,000 human beings and growing.

CBS Atlanta's Dagmar Midcap Hides Her Personal Grief Well

Dagmar Midcap puts in her notice at WGCL-TV

This is the most happy and perky personality on local television.  Though she is a "weather girl" her personality has carried her over into other duties for the station.  She takes the lead in many community based events.

I would have never guessed that in her personal life she was dealing with such grief.  She does an excellent job in isolating her on-screen persona from her personal life.

This is a massive loss for WGCL (CBS) .

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Is It Rupert Murdoch Rather Than Islam That Takes Over Everywhere He Goes?

BBC director general Mark Thompson says Sky is becoming 'dominant force' in British TV – but isn't investing enough

Mark Thompson, the BBC director general, has launched a scathing attack on Rupert Murdoch's media empire, warning that BSkyB is too powerful and threatens to "dwarf" the BBC and its competitors.

Delivering the annual MacTaggart lecture at the Mediaguardian Edinburgh television festival, Thompson rounded on Sky's chairman, James Murdoch, who used the same speech last year to attack the corporation.

"A year ago, James Murdoch fretted aloud about the lamentable dominance of the BBC," he said. "He was able to do that only by leaving Sky out of the equation."

Thompson said Sky was "well on its way to being the most dominant force in broadcast media in this country".

He said that News Corp, in effect controlled by the Murdoch family, now enjoys unprecedented industry power in the UK. News Corp owns 39% of Sky and is in the process of buying the part of the broadcaster it does not already own.

That money could be used to invest in original UK programming, plugging a £300m funding gap that Thompson said had emerged since 2006 as advertising revenue has plunged.