Friday, July 30, 2010

My Phobia Of Open Toe Shoes On Myself

While sitting on a plane recently I looked across and saw two women with open toe shoes sitting next two me (and ahead of me).

As I saw all of the people walking by, many with rolling bags I realized how all of the years of stubbing my toe while barefoot has impacted me.

There is no way that I could sit with my toes exposed while on an airplane and so many threats that could step on my toe or roll their bags over them.

(Note: I would have taken an actual picture of these women feet but I didn't want to risk being considered a "perv" and thrown off of the plane).

Over my life time I am quite sure that I have fractured my toe bones despite never having received treatment.   From kicking furniture in the dark to recently kicking some steel dumbbells in my basement - the excruciating pain that comes from stubbing my toes has me preferring to keep my toes covered throughout the day.

I am happy that women have the inverse appeal.  They seek to show off their polished toenails as part of their fashion allure.

For me - give me some steel toe boots.

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