Friday, July 30, 2010

My Phobia Of Open Toe Shoes On Myself

While sitting on a plane recently I looked across and saw two women with open toe shoes sitting next two me (and ahead of me).

As I saw all of the people walking by, many with rolling bags I realized how all of the years of stubbing my toe while barefoot has impacted me.

There is no way that I could sit with my toes exposed while on an airplane and so many threats that could step on my toe or roll their bags over them.

(Note: I would have taken an actual picture of these women feet but I didn't want to risk being considered a "perv" and thrown off of the plane).

Over my life time I am quite sure that I have fractured my toe bones despite never having received treatment.   From kicking furniture in the dark to recently kicking some steel dumbbells in my basement - the excruciating pain that comes from stubbing my toes has me preferring to keep my toes covered throughout the day.

I am happy that women have the inverse appeal.  They seek to show off their polished toenails as part of their fashion allure.

For me - give me some steel toe boots.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

France Declares War On Al-Queda

France Declares War On Al-Queda

I hope that they will be more willing to back this claim with more troops where they are needed.

The USA did not declare war and we have been supplying the largest amount of manpower.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hamas Attacks Youth Summer Camp In Gaza - You Won't Hear This Incessantly Repeated

Rival Hamas, UN summer camps compete over children

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip – Masked men trashed a U.N. summer camp Monday, tying up guards and slashing tents and an inflatable pool in the second such attack blamed on suspected extremists in just over a month — a sign of how, in Gaza, youth camp is not just about crafts and volleyball.

Rival day camps by the United Nations and Gaza's Islamic militant Hamas rulers compete for the hearts of the next generation, the roughly 700,000 children under 15 who make up nearly half of the Gaza Strip's population.

Hamas camps teach an anti-Israeli doctrine and military-style marching, along with horseback riding, swimming and Islam. U.N. camps try to instill hope in a better future, a message wrapped in fun and games.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Robert Kennedy Jr's Wife Files For Divorce To Get Away From This Man

RFK Jr.'s wife faces DUI charge after divorce filing

If I were forced to live with this man I would be drinking as well.

One of the most fraudulent left-wing attack merchants operating.

Days after the BP oil spill he took to the tubes and proclaimed that he has proof that Haliburton was responsible.

Months later when we all found that while Haliburton demanded that BP use 24 "centralizers"(?), BP used only 6. 

We did not hear an apology from Kennedy about his fraud.

Monday, July 12, 2010

International Press Silent As 4/5ths of Afghani Civilian Deaths Are Caused By The Taliban

International troops are responsible for about one-fifth of civilian deaths

It all goes to show - The press is more interested in indicting the US Troops and holding it up to the higher standards.  In doing so they prove that they have INFERIOR expectations upon the Taliban.
KABUL, Afghanistan — Taliban insurgents are carrying out more attacks this year than at any time since early in the war, killing increasing numbers of civilians as U.S.-led forces push into the militants' southern strongholds, an Afghan rights group said Monday.

International troops were responsible for about one-fifth of civilian deaths — down from previous years, thanks to restrictive rules of engagement that some soldiers feel put their own lives at risk.

That so many noncombatants are dying shows that the international force has yet to succeed in its goal of protecting the Afghan people, whose trust and support are key components of NATO's new counterinsurgency strategy in the nearly 9-year-old war.

At least 1,074 civilians died in the first half of this year, triple the number of international forces killed over the same period, the Afghanistan Rights Monitor said in a report that called 2010 the worst year for security since shortly after the demise of the Taliban regime.

Violence has soared as coalition forces, bolstered by 30,000 American reinforcements, move into Taliban strongholds in the south and east to try to wrest the areas from the militants, strengthen Afghan government control and win Afghans' trust. The insurgents have responded with a wave of ambushes, suicide attacks, roadside bombs and assassinations.

The number of civilian deaths are up in 2010, though only slightly, over the previous year's first half, but the number of insurgent attacks — and their share of the civilian deaths — has spiked.

Afghanistan Rights Monitor director Ajmal Samadi said the group recorded 1,200 violent incidents in June alone, the most in a single month since early 2002. The number included coalition actions such as airstrikes against insurgents, but Samadi said the vast majority were attacks by the Taliban and their militant allies.

For Some Reason I Am Now Motivated To Watch "The Price Is Right" Once Again

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Smooth Chocolate!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I May Have To Start Watching "The Price Is Right" Again

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Cobra Attacks Baby

This Cobra had to have had its fangs removed in advance.