Thursday, June 17, 2010

No To $25 Million Natural Gas Pipeline Spur - Make Them Get Propane Tanks

AGL wants customers to fund pipeline to resort

If nothing else respect my consistency.

Recall last year I took a drive through rural Georgia and noted that every house had what my son thought where "submarines" on their side which were actually propane tanks.

The logic was that these sparsely populated communities did not justify the build out of a natural gas grid.  It was more efficient for them to have propane delivered to each house by truck.

The thought that a ritzy development in Greene County Georgia is slated to have a natural gas pipeline strung between Atlanta Gaslight's service area in Baldwin County is equally preposterous.  The $25 million investment is not worth the money.

If infrastructure providers in the areas of telecom, water, sewer and roads make use of "return on investment" calculations to determine where to build out then this same logic should be applied in this case.

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