Monday, May 31, 2010

Israel Kills 10 Activists That Seek To Bring Aid To Gaza

Security Council to meet after raid in international waters kills 10 activists

Israel you have grossly miscalculated this one.
The flotilla of ships headed your way figured that there would be one of two outcomes derived:

  1. The Israeli military was going to react to the ships heading toward Gaza, prompting an international incident
  2. The Israeli government, realizing that all eyes are on it was going to back down, allowing the flotilla to pass 

With the reports that Israeli commandos boarded the ships and responded with gun fire to threats from knives, leaving 10 people dead is not going to go over well. I have today's broadcast of "Democracy Now" queued up for coverage. I assure you that this will be the lead story.

Israel made a major misstep.
The pressure will mount upon Israel to receive sanction.

If indeed these are "humanitarian aid" going to Gaza - where is the neutral third party with traction upon Israel to allow the safe passage of these goods?

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