Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Am Going To Kill That Freaking "Tree Rat" For Eating My Peaches!!!

This is war on the rodents who keep picking my fruit trees bear.
I planted them in order to share a few of them with the wild creatures in my back yard.  Not for them to take all of my stuff while I am away working!!!

I am going to skin me some squirrels!!!

Here is a picture of a peach tree that I planted late in the season two summers ago.  A few weeks ago I was happy because it was sprouting an abundant number of peach-lets all over its branch system.  

Today there are no peaches left on the tree.   I saw two damned squirrels feasting on my prized peaches.

This is no longer "cute".  They are now pissing me off.

If they had waited until the fruit had fully developed I would have been less pissed off.  Instead they helped themselves while the peaches were still green and no bigger than a grape.

Here are pictures of some other threats to my vegetation:

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M. Rigmaiden said...

Heheheheheheheh You crazy! But sho you right; they are rats in trees!