Monday, May 31, 2010

Israel Kills 10 Activists That Seek To Bring Aid To Gaza

Security Council to meet after raid in international waters kills 10 activists

Israel you have grossly miscalculated this one.
The flotilla of ships headed your way figured that there would be one of two outcomes derived:

  1. The Israeli military was going to react to the ships heading toward Gaza, prompting an international incident
  2. The Israeli government, realizing that all eyes are on it was going to back down, allowing the flotilla to pass 

With the reports that Israeli commandos boarded the ships and responded with gun fire to threats from knives, leaving 10 people dead is not going to go over well. I have today's broadcast of "Democracy Now" queued up for coverage. I assure you that this will be the lead story.

Israel made a major misstep.
The pressure will mount upon Israel to receive sanction.

If indeed these are "humanitarian aid" going to Gaza - where is the neutral third party with traction upon Israel to allow the safe passage of these goods?

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Illegal Aliens Run Bank Fraud In Payroll Check Scheme Costing Banks Millions

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Boycott BP - The Dumbest Most Misguided Actor-vist Operation

Boycott BP

The left is at it again.  The calls to boycott BP are originating from their ranks.
If they only called for "Boycott The Federal Government" after Katrina, refusing to receive anything from the Feds.


Because BP must pay.

Eleven oil workers are dead. One of the largest oil spills in U.S. history continues to worsen. BP's oil gusher at the floor of the Gulf of Mexico may be 100 times worse than BP first estimated (and 20 times worse than the company presently claims). 100 times!

BP's oil gusher is now threatening coastal lands in Louisiana and is almost certain to destroy fisheries and the livelihoods of people who fish and shrimp in the Gulf, or rely on the Gulf for tourism business. The giant plumes of oil deep underwater will exact an unknown toll on sea life. And the spreading oil may even wind up in currents that eventually take it to the U.S. Eastern shores.

BP CEO Tony Hayward is sanguine about the whole problem. The Financial Times quotes him saying, "I think the environmental impact of this disaster is likely to have been very, very modest."

A boycott will send a message to BP that its shoddy oversight of this project and its history of environmental and worker safety violations is unforgivable. Take the BP Boycott Pledge, and commit not to buy gas from BP for at least three months. Go here:

BP cares desperately about its public image. This is the company that has sought to rebrand itself as "Beyond Petroleum." BusinessWeek estimates the BP brand as worth $3.9 billion -- the highest among oil companies. "Not even an Alaskan oil spill or an explosion at a Texas refinery has put a dent in BP's strong [brand] performance," said BusinessWeek in 2006. This time must be different. A boycott will express the organized consumer anger that BP so fears.

This is a company that should fear the public's wrath, for the Deepwater Horizon blowout was a preventable disaster. While much remains unknown, there is mounting evidence that BP could have averted the catastrophe. BP made a conscious decision not to install a $500,000 safety device that could have prevented the blowout. There is good reason to believe BP's contractors on the Deepwater Horizon made multiple mistakes leading up to the disaster, but it is ultimately BP's job to make sure its contractors are exercising sufficient care. And Mike Williams, the chief electronics technician on the Deepwater Horizon, told 60 Minutes that BP pressured its contractors to skirt other safety measures that might have prevented the disaster.

The Ole Tale About The "Acoustic Switch"

 The $500,000 safety device that they speak of is the "Acoustic Switch".  In their version of events, had BP and Halliburton spent the money - this disaster would not be with us.

The acoustic switch is a device that allows a surface ship to send a command down to the value on the sea floor to close.  Common Dreams is not intellectually honest enough to note that the switch was activated by the workmen prior to them abandoning ship.

In addition after the "Top Kill" method has failed BP plans to CUT OFF THE VALVE and put a new one on top over the next few days.

For Common Dreams "the struggle" where they unify the masses behind a mission is more important than anything else.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Am Going To Kill That Freaking "Tree Rat" For Eating My Peaches!!!

This is war on the rodents who keep picking my fruit trees bear.
I planted them in order to share a few of them with the wild creatures in my back yard.  Not for them to take all of my stuff while I am away working!!!

I am going to skin me some squirrels!!!

Here is a picture of a peach tree that I planted late in the season two summers ago.  A few weeks ago I was happy because it was sprouting an abundant number of peach-lets all over its branch system.  

Today there are no peaches left on the tree.   I saw two damned squirrels feasting on my prized peaches.

This is no longer "cute".  They are now pissing me off.

If they had waited until the fruit had fully developed I would have been less pissed off.  Instead they helped themselves while the peaches were still green and no bigger than a grape.

Here are pictures of some other threats to my vegetation:

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Greek Government Threatens To Sue American Banks For Stirring Fears About Default Thus Increasing Borrowing Costs

Claims comments about ability to repay debt have raise borrowing costs

Earth to Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou!!!
The problems with your country started a long time before any American banker said anything about your loans.

You have been running an economic system that was doomed to fail a long time ago.
Now you appear merely desperate to find a scape goat.

I don't blame you though.  If I had the threat of mass violent riots in my nation again - I too would be looking for some capitalists to redirect people's anger toward as well.