Friday, April 9, 2010

My Journey To Cuba - Overview Part I

I have so much to talk about regarding my recent trip to the island paradise of Cuba.
I carried a notebook and digital camera to remind me about the salient points that I need to discuss.

All I can say is that Cuba is a land of contradictions. Some surprisingly good and others terminally bad.

I have decided to break my posts down into a series of posts over time using the following structure:

* Motivations For My Trip
* Great You Found Your Passport - Did You Check To See If It Had Expired?
* My Trip To The Bahamas And To Cuba
* The Return Trip


* Telecommunications/Water/Electricity
* Roads/Sidewalks/Buildings/Airport
* Contrasts w/ Jamaica, Bahamas, Trinidad and Puerto Rico
* Automobiles and Pollution

Politics and Nationalism
* Cuban Elections
* The Police State
* Abundance Of Propaganda - "Remember The Alamo"
* US Embassy - The Most Protected Building In Cuba - To Prevent Defection

* Cuban Food
* Sports - Sandlot Baseball
* The Personality Of The People
* Spanish Language
* Idle Time and Long Lines

* Blacks, Whites and Mulattoes
* Obesity
* Educational System
* Tourism
* Standard of Beauty In Advertising
* Where The People Live
* Juan - The Horse Tour Guide And His Crackers

* Wealth
* Vice
* Exchange Rate
* Poverty

* Interaction with Two Worlds
* Grocery Store Choices
* Permanent Revolution
* The Impact of Opening Cuba

The Great Debates
* Me versus 3 Anti-America Americans
* My Friend - Socialism Is In America Already
* A Conversation With A Bohemian At The Airport
* The US Customs Inspector

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