Friday, January 8, 2010

Oil Rich Venezuela Faces A Power Crisis

WSJ: Energy-Rich Venezuela Faces Power Crisis

I wonder how much traction Hugo Chavez is receiving back at home as people listen to him on the world stage but have to deal with the actual results of his policies back at home?

People protest against power outages.


Ana said...

Are you familiar with the Venezuela before Chavez?

Or are you just simply anti Chavez because you are a conservative and he is a populist leftist leader?
Chavez is in power because oil rich Venezuela's wealth never trickled down to the vast majority of the population.

There were no working policies before Chavez.
Before you venture into Latin American politics/economics , read up a bit about their history.

I imagine you are also anti Evo Morales.



Constructive Feedback said...


I focus more on "Caribbean Politics" than I do South America.

I have little respect for Hugo Chavez because I don't think that he has respect for private property and thus ultimately RIGHTS.

I am familiar enough with South America to know that people like Hugo Chavez come in phases and at some point in time in the future the pendulum will swing in the other direction.

Ana said...

That is not necessarily true because that very pendulum you talk about swings right back to the left because right winged politics are always short lived since they never address the needs of the vast mjority of the population, at least in Latin America.

Latin America is not the United States of America(not to say this country does not need any fixing), there is a whole lot of fixing that has to be done before we begin to speak about "respect for private property".

I recommend you read about Simón Bolivar's dream and also pick up any literature by Eduardo Galeano.

Chavez and Morales are both Bolivarianos. They are not really leftists.

In Panama where I am from,there is also a strong Bolivariano movement;we used to say "Ni con la izquierda ni con la derecha, pero con Panamá".
This is not a matter of right or left but of creating inclusive and just societies with opportunities for all.