Monday, January 25, 2010

Colaborating With A Challenging Peer

This is going to be a rough week for me.
I have to give a joint presentation with my peer later on this week.
In the reviews with my management last week - though I realized that I was not "content complete" at least I was on target.

My peer missed the target.  It was clear.

Thus I have a decision to make.   (I must note that I also have an important meeting to prepare for [actually 2 meetings but on the same subject] on tomorrow).

  1. I can focus on completing my section to my liking and just accept that in total the entire presentation is going to be less than optimal because of my peer's content
  2. I can spend the extra time and effort to mold his content into form.
If I do #1 then I will have less stress this week and fewer debates.  Our team will suffer from a presentation that was not good.  The fact that the other guy wants to go first further complicates the issue.   Some people might tune out before my part is executed.

If I do #2 I am going to have to go far beyond my content and force him to make substantial changes to his content during this crunch time.  We typically like to be content complete a day prior to the presentation.  This will be cutting it close.

I see that I have little choice but to do #2.  

I am going to have to keep reminding him what the overall goal of our presentation is as a means of bring him in line with it and cutting out some of the extraneous material that merely takes up time.

I don't need this.  Certainly not this week.

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