Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rainy Week In Georgia - Forget "Rainy Night"

I can't take this rain any longer. I am going stir crazy.
The remnants of Tropical Storm Ida is pouring rain upon the entire southeast.
We have had 3 straight days of rainy weather.

As I exited my car and opened my back door to get my umbrella - my back became soaked. Despite my large umbrella my pants get soaked because the winds are blowing the rain.

Driving while the heavy volumes of water is on the ground is also hazardous. Even on recently upgraded and repaved sections of the Interstate there are puddles of water that cause your car's traction to be compromised. I can feel the steering wheel jolt upon hitting the puddle. I envisioned myself hydroplaning and then a truck behind me smashing into my car because it couldn't stop in time.

I feel bad for the people who were flooded out in September and now likely face more flooding.
In the places that I have gone it seems that there is far more rain now than back in September. Luckily there has not been as much flooding. So maybe its just that my perceptions of the quantity of rain is just wrong.

In Georgia we have "feast or famine". The 3 year drought has turned into a soaked, muddy mess - at least for now.

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