Monday, October 19, 2009

Me vs The Wasps In My Basement

This year has been an amazing year as I constantly battled critters who sought to invade my house or eat all of the fruit from my trees.

Thus far I have fought against:

  • Deer who eat my pears and my plants
  • Crows who ate the pears that were too high up for the deer
  • Squirrels who ate my few apples
  • A Turtle who walked across my lawn and didn't appreciate me trying to take him back to the lake
  • Ants who capitalized on my failure to put down seasonal ant control this year
  • Big spiders who I had never seen before
  • Yellow jackets that made their nest next to the flower pot at my front door

Add to this list - WASPS in my basement.

I mistakenly left the top window pane of one of my windows in the basement cracked by about an inch after cleaning them.  This one oversight allowed a family of wasps to construct what was to be their winter-time home in my basement.

As I sat on my exercise bench, talking on the phone - I looked up and saw a nest inside of my house, on the window but hidden by the closed blinds that I have on the window.

Thank goodness for chemicals.  

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