Friday, August 28, 2009

Survey: Hotlanta is a 'sexually satisfied' place

Survey: Hotlanta is a 'sexually satisfied' place

Perhaps city leaders should adopt Marvin Gaye’s libidinous anthem “Let’s Get it On” as Atlanta’s next theme song.

According to a recent survey, Hotlanta ranks as the nation’s most sexually satisfied metropolis (and second most sexually active, behind Houston).

Commissioned by Trojan condoms, the non-scientific study of 1,000 adults from the U.S.’ 10 most populated cities also found that Atlantans are almost always in the mood.

“Atlanta doesn’t wait for the weekend,” for sex, said Kim Berndt, research director for Strategy One, which conducted the online survey of adults 18-and-over. “That’s one of the [findings] that make Atlanta unique.”

Overall, 73 percent of Atlantans surveyed said they are satisfied with their sex lives. And no city gets more, ahem, bang for the buck, though Berndt said quantity and quality aren’t mutually exclusive when it comes to pleasure.

“We found the more often people have sex, the more satisfied they tended to be,” she said.

So which city’s residents are the least active? Would you believe San Francisco, (former) headquarters of the free love movement?

“If sexual quality of life is higher in Atlanta it may be due to the boomerang effect of southern reticence,” said Atlanta-based columnist and author Michael Alvear, host of HBO’s “The Sex Inspectors.”

“Meaning, what is not spoken of is acted on. San Francisco may have planted the flag on sexual expression but Atlanta’s making it wave.”

While geography might portend more puritanical sexual mores, Atlanta has a history of randy behavior. In the 1970s, Playboy magazine dubbed Cobb County’s Riverbend Apartments “ground zero” of the sexual revolution. And no less an authority than Mick Jagger, who lived in Atlanta briefly while filming the forgettable 1992 flick “Freejack,” opined that the city’s strip clubs were the best he’s visited.

Credit the eye candy.

“We’re the China of beauty,” said Alvear, who blogs about sex at Urge and Merge.

“There’s a lot of physically attractive people living here.”

And Atlanta, as the South’s flagship city, tends to attract a younger, more liberated demographic.

“Atlanta’s a magnet,” said Alvear, adding, “We’re the sex capital of the U.S.”

Now there’s a slogan for a city that’s had its fair share.

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