Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Police Department To Resell Confiscated Guns Back To Market

The City Council is considering a program to let the Police Department sell confiscated guns to licensed dealers. Sales could net $10,000 a year.

This is an interesting issue in which there are "truths" on both sides of the debate.

Those who have an anti-gun spirit would be inclined to say that the Police are injecting negative agent back into their community - in theory - re-enabling the criminal element to cycle through the system once again - gun in hand.

To those, like me, with a pro-gun spirit would argue that the ownership of a legally obtained gun is little different than if an automobile or mink coat that was ceased by the police were re-marketed to the general public.

I do concede that if a gun was a part of a murder and then was put back on the street after the thug was brought to justice - it might be problematic. Who's to say that this same gun had not been used in other crimes and then upon a ballistics test done after the fact on this new murder case - that offending gun proves to be the weapon which was used. This is an issue.

I would ask that the Colorado Springs PD proceed very cautiously on this one. Only sell guns that are antique or which have been certified, to the best of the department's knowledge to never have been used in the commission of a shooting crime.

As long as the distribution channel is via licensed gun dealers - I am made more comfortable as these dealers are regulated.

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