Thursday, July 30, 2009

Lessons Learned - Listen To Your Wife's "Hateration"

I learned my lesson well.

Yesterday my family started our vacation journey with a flight down to Florida. I decided that I was going to travel on "serious vacation mode". I chose to not bring any casual shoes. I only had a pair of sneakers for walking and another pair of sneakers for my morning jog. I took the black rubber sole shoes out of my bag and left them in the closet.

I had on a sports jersey and some shorts and sneakers for traveling.

As soon as my wife saw me she asked "What do you have on? You look like you are about to cut the back yard.".

I then asked her "We are getting on an airplane. Who do I need to impress?"

She said "You are presenting yourself in public to ME".

We get to the airport and attempt to check in at the Airtran automatic check-in station. The machine says "Please See A Ticket Counter Agent".
They had not assigned us any seats because there were no seats that were grouped together. We'd have to go to the gate for our seat assignment.

My wife went to the gate agent to obtain our seats. She took our receipts and told us she would call us up later. My wife and son then went to get some food.

Our names were called and I went up to the counter. The lady then saw what I had on and then shook her head. She then informed me that she had us all booked in a FIRST CLASS UPGRADE but.........I was not allowed to wear sneakers and a t-shirt in FIRST CLASS!!! She would have to move me alone back to coach.

By that time my wife was standing behind me listening to this. This is all that I needed. Ammunition for my wife to say "I told you so".

My goal of having at least 3 free "Vodka and Cranberry Juice" drinks had faded away right before my eyes.

Thankfully the rest of the plane was jam packed solid. The lady let me board in first class.

The gate agent stated as she scanned my ticket "You had better listen to the woman the next time".

Interestingly enough there was another guy in first class with a sports cap, shorts and sneakers on even though he had a shirt with a collar on.

I have learned my lesson about dressing appropriately to be ready for being promoted upward in social class.

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