Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sometimes You Want To Kick Yourself - Part 1

All week long there has been some funky smell in my house.

I smelled it. My wife smelled it. My kids smelled.
Of course - My wife complained about it and asked me to find out what it was!!

My dog is gone so her usual suspect could not be blamed for the smell.

I thought that it was the trash bag that I had taken out of the kitchen and some liquid dripped upon the floor as I took it out. I had my daughter mop the floor.

No luck at finding the source.

Then as I was in my basement I recalled that last weekend I had taken some ribs and chicken out of the deep freezer and put them into my basement fridge so I could do a barbque during the week.

I went to go check on the condition of this meat that was sitting in the fridge for one week. Indeed the chicken went bad but the ribs were good. I only smelled a slight smell from this pack of chicken and thus it could not be the source of the smell.

On the way out of the utility room I saw something that almost made me cry!!

I LEFT THE FREAKING DEEP FREEZER DOOR CRACKED OPEN!!! The smell that I was smelling was about $150 worth of chicken, beef, turkey burgers and former bags of ice decaying at room temperature.

My wife said that it smelled like a dead animal and wondered if there was a mouse in the house somewhere.

Turns out that it WAS A DEAD ANIMAL!!

I just went to Sam's Club 2 weeks ago and stocked up on my meats.

Now I just want to kick myself.


Smile said...

That is a bummer! Fortunately it wasn't an even greater loss!

Please don't ever stop writing, though it is difficult to decide where/which of your blogs to read first ;)

Smile said...

P.S. Your header...there are issues outside of the black community :O

Constructive Feedback said...

I was thankful for trash day. I had no choice but to put that putrid meat outside in two trash bags for about 4 days. The flies had a field day as the smell came through the bags.

Maybe the trash men who sole the Christmas gift that my neighbor left for the recycling man did deserve to take it because of what they have to deal with.