Saturday, June 20, 2009

PETA: I Am Going To Shoot That Deer That Keeps Eating My Fruit Trees!!

How could anyone hate this handsome little creature?

Caught Him Red Handed Eating My Nectarine Tree!!

I am an animal lover.
My house is in a suburban area that still has its share of wild animals left to frolic around. I even have cows about 5 minutes away from where I sit right now.

I have a wide clearing toward the rear of my property that is adjacent to a patch of unclaimed land. This land connects my subdivision to the one next door and then onward to undeveloped land. My property is the transit point for many deer seeking to chomp on some grass.

Each year I get to watch the next generation of deer born and then grow. They start off with little spots, then they get a solid, light brown coat and then they turn an ugly gray in time for the winter.

When they get older, however, they acquire a taste for MY fruit trees and flowers.

I caught this one adult female munching on my nectarine and apple trees. This joker was eating off BRANCHES at a time!!

Then you have squirrels that climb from the large oak tree over to my tall pear trees and go to work all day, eating the small pear fruit that is on the tree now. By the time that they are done - I have little left for my own consumption.

Maybe I need to restock my freezer with venison and squirrel meat?

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Rhamnousia said...

Try this mesh deer fence-,11331,default,cp.html

You can probably find some nice heavy steel fence posts at a hardware or farm supply store. You should probably plan on making a roof with the mesh as well to keep out the squirrels! I have the mesh around my garden, we also have a local herd. So far so good!

Throw your damaged fruit out away from your trees to share with them, then during hunting season you can refill your freezer! Yeah, I read that post too, bummer...