Friday, May 1, 2009

Palestinian Man Given Death Penalty For Selling Land To Jews

Palestinian Man Sentenced to Death for Selling Land to Israelis

This should be labeled as "One protest march we will NOT see from Progressives who are confronted with two mutually exclusive issues:

  • The Death Penalty
  • Their Sympathies for the Palestineans in their Fight against Israel

A Palestinian court has sentenced a man to death by hanging for selling West Bank land to Israeli citizens.

The sentence was handed down Tuesday by a court in the West Bank town of Hebron, but it may be unlikely to be carried out.

Prosecutors say the defendant sold to Israelis land that did not belong to him in the village of Beit Omar near Hebron.

The Palestinian Authority considers the sale of Palestinian land to Israelis to be treason.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas must approve the sentence for it to be carried out. He has withheld approval in many other death penalty cases. Several other Palestinians charged with collaborating with Israel are currently on death row.

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