Thursday, February 19, 2009

Why Did You Bring Back "Good & Fruity" Hershey Co? I Am Trying To Lose Weight

Why did you do this to me Hershey?

Here I am attempting to have my "6 pack" show back up and then you go and bring my favorite long lost candy back onto the market.

I had to go to Target to get some supplies for the kids.  I happened to go to down the candy isle.  I looked down and - Oh my goodness!!  "Good and Fruity"!

Several years ago i went so far as to call Hersheys to ask where I could find this candy.  I was told that they had stopped producing that particular flavor.  Thus I gave up.

"Good & Fruity" is a unique candy.  I guess you can call it a jelly bean but it is not exactly so.

Skittles are sour (or bitter) and thus don't taste the same.

Starburst Jelly beans are sweet but they don't taste as fruity as "Good & Fruity".   I have never found any justifiable subsitute for "Good & Fruity".

Sadly I consumed one whole 5 oz box by the time I left Target and got home.

Now if I could get Herrs Bar-B-Que potato chips and Seven Seas Creamy Italian dressing from a reliable source here in the South.  For some reason many stores have "Seven Seas Green Goddess" dressing rather than the Creamy Italian.  

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