Friday, January 23, 2009

Former Gitmo Detainee: The USA Tortured Me So Bad.....Now I Want To Become A Citizen There

I always wonder if the actions of some people which are contrary to the logic should logically stem from the narrative that we have been feed about a situation are able to cause certain consumers of the news to break of the rubric that has been constructed for them to follow?

The News Media and certain Anti-War/Anti-Bush activists don't want the masses to ask critical questions about the assertions that they have made regarding "Torture" at the hands of the Americans.

These political asylum seekers from China:

  • Are they asking to go home to China?
  • Do they want to return to Afghanistan?
  • Are they asking to go to the peace loving nation of Iran or Pakistan?
  • Why on Earth would they return to the nation that has TORTURED THEM?
Is it that they want to file a lawsuit and become millionaires?

If all of this is true that you have been told about US torture then WHY?????????

The narrarator say that they will face TORTURE if returned to China. Does any one figure that the thing that is called "Tourture" in China is far worse than what the USA is said to do?

Why is it that the USA's supposed deeds are so much worse in the eyes of the World?
Why would people want to come to the USA after this?

Clearly the media and anti-war activists have been LYING

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