Saturday, January 24, 2009

Attackers Who Attacked Afghani Girls Don't Fear Attack From Global Anti-War Movement

MSNBC: Afghan girls return to school after acid attacks

Original Story Of The Acid Attack On School Girls

Students defy insurgents but remain frightened in wake of horrific assaults

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan - Teenage girls in blue and green burqas pour into the schoolyard, where they pull off their coverings, stuff them in their book bags and head to class. It almost seems as if the acid attacks never happened.

But though classes have resumed, the students, their parents and the school's principal remain on edge two months later. The principal says better security promised by the government hasn't come. Some girls are too afraid to tell reporters their names or let their pictures be taken.

In November, three teams of men on motorbikes sprayed acid from squirt guns and water bottles onto 15 schoolgirls and teachers as they walked to the Mirwais Mena girls school in Kandahar, the southern city that is the spiritual birthplace of the Taliban.

In theory the anti-war left should hate these antagonists to the education of little girls more than they hate Bush but then that would take logic.

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