Thursday, November 6, 2008

California Gay Rights Activists Upset Over Ban

Fox News: Gay Marriage Ban Protesters, Police Clash in California Streets

The irony of it all.
I watched former Star Trek crew member "George Takei" doing an interview telling the audience how disasterous the Bush Administration has been. I figured that he was looking forward to the return of "law, order and justice".

It appears that those who march have the very same plans.......AS LONG AS THEY GET THEIR WAY.

If the majority speaks and it is counter to what they believe then you should expect violence in the streets. (Oh wait - It was the police who started the riot in the 1968 Democratic Convention. I had better wait for the dust to settle on yesterday's events before I start blaming the gay activists. Sorry).

Mr. Takei has already hinted that regardless of the outcome of the people's voice - his faction will continue to fight against this will of the majority.

His has the trend on his side. The liberal judges have already overturned "the will of the people" in the previous law by saying that the other law was "unconstitutional". Then another judge refused to free gay marriage until the people have spoken. Compare this to the national freeze that was placed on lethal injection until the Supreme Court has spoken. (For some strange reason I figure someone will ask me how I can compare gay marriage to capital punishment. I DIDN'T! I compared the legal directives given in these two instances)

Mob Rule 101 - either give the people what they want or they will take to the streets and tear sh_t up.

Note - this was a small minority of the gay population who has acted out in such a way and is not representative of this diverse community who has a number of ways to accomplish their goal.

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