Monday, November 17, 2008

Bill Moyers Journal - "Afghanistan - The Good War"

I can see how the leftists in the media are going to play out this "Obama Administration" commentary. The "Bill Moyers Journal" on PBS prides a wealth of information and a telegraphed plan.

The guest host called Afghanistan "The Good War". Of course Iraq was the "Bad War" and was a diversion. As I listened in to the details about the challenges of Afghanistan I am beginning to see that the "Neglected War" as the guest host called it was really a strategy acknowledging the near insurmountable task that stabilizing Afghanistan represents. This near stone aged nation has few of the standard "military targets" which a modern military can focus upon.

My initial appraisal of the Obama Administration will be by its ability to distance itself from the "Left Wing" media and advocates who have thus far been using Afghanistan as a bludgeon for the Iraq War. In their message the real COST of the Iraq War was the fact that Afghanistan has fallen into chaos and drugs are now pouring out of this nation. It seems that they are about to get what they have asked for. As Iraq settles a bit that one battalion that Obama suggested be shifted into Afghanistan from Iraq just might be going after all.

It is also clear that America will one day come to a decision point -do we cut out of Afghanistan or do we escalate the fight? If you believe the new "Peace War Hawks" some might believe their smelling salt and drive for an escalation - the very thing that the Soviet Union failed at.

But oh the magic of the cheerleaders that come to sit with Bill Moyers. They seemed pacified by a "REGIONAL SOLUTION". President Obama - not having a meddling Vice President who sought to thwart the plans of others - a REGIONAL SOLUTION involving Pakistan and Iran might just be the cure for Afghanistan. The "Peace War Hawks" seem willing to accept a longer road to stability than that which war can bring forth.

For some strange reason - I believe that if the enemies don't buy into the peace THEY will be blamed for killing innocent civilians. Compare this to Iraq and the previously administered Afghan War where when civilians got killed it was the American military that FAILED TO PROTECT them.

Oh this will be an interesting 4 years - seeing the press spin like the Poltergeist.

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