Monday, November 3, 2008

Afghanistan - The War That Obama Values

PBS Frontline: Taliban Rising

This was an excellent episode of Frontline.

Finally some news source told of the great difficulty that the terrain and the culture of Afghanistan pose to all who dare to enter.

If Barack Obama is elected president then so much of that which was thrown up as a straw man by him (and Michael Moore) will be put back into play. As the documentary indicated - catching Osama Bin Laden is not as easy as just throwing some troops on the ground (rather than having "outsourced them to the Pakistani Army) and going to root him out.

The Soviet Union experienced a massive and embarrassing military loss in this same nation a short time ago. I can only hope that a President Obama doesn't follow this same course of action. It is clear to most who are honest that the mere capture of Osama Bin Laden is not going to change much in this particular land nor can it be our primary goal. His capture will only be as symbolic as the claim of "hope and change" but won't mean much in the end. There will be many to take his place.

More than anything else - this documentary showed that the area of Afghanistan/Pakistan/Iraq/Iran is far more complex than what we are likely to hear on a campaign stump speech. The easy rhetoric of "make them like us again by building schools rather than bombing them" is not the answer.

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