Sunday, October 12, 2008

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man - And "Now That You Know"

Alright I did it!

I have been hearing about the book "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" for several years from many of my left leaning friends and debate adversaries. I have no problem consuming information that might run counter to my "right of center" beliefs. As always I prepare myself to receive some ideologically jolting news that will have me to question my fundamental beliefs. Yet again - after listening to this man's version of events I was pretty much unmoved.

Rather than read the entire book I reactivated my subscription to "". Thus far only "Atlas Shrugged" has had the revolutionary impact on me via the consumption of an audio book as a means of expediting my reading.

The accounts of John Perkins were compelling. I do not doubt that the narrative which detailed both the actions and, in some cases, the motivations of the US foreign policy were correct. I have little doubt that the gloves that my country wears are soiled in many areas around the world.

As I listened to Mr. Perkins and cross referenced his views with those that I know from others who view this book as an affirmation of what they know about their nation I could only ask "Now that you know what have you done to change YOUR OWN consumption habits so that you are not a co-conspirator?"

I noticed that Mr. Perkins "got religion" several times during his tenure and realized that what he was doing was not totally above board. It was comical, however, when he acknowledged his complicity and tacitly expected forgiveness from the reader because now he was spilling the beans. (Snitching - in street parlance). After his career as a EHM he said that he purchased an energy services firm.

(to be continued)

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