Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Beware Of Teenagers While Driving

Without question - the streets of my town turn dangerous for drivers and pedestrians alike during the morning hours and in the afternoon - WHEN HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS ARE DRIVING!!!

This morning as I was driving back home from the store I saw first hand how dangerous these new drivers are other people. I was driving in the right hand lane of a 2 lane state highway (2 lanes north, 2 lanes south). As I approached an intersection that also had a yield lane I encountered this "threat on wheels" first hand.

This young female driver was in the yield lane, seeking to enter into the lane that I was in. Instead of coming to a full stop upon seeing me approaching she kept rolling forward.

Upon seeing her rolling forward I slowed down.

Upon seeing me slow down she THOUGHT that I was yielding for her to enter into the lane.

By the time she GOT A CLUE she was aiming straight for the side of my car!!!

I did not have enough time to look out of my driver's side rear mirror to determine if there was another car to the left of me so that I could take evasive action. My only choice was to slow down as she continued on the side of me in the median.

We were side by side and then I allowed her to keep going. She never did come to a complete stop. In any event I would far prefer her IN FRONT OF ME rather than to the side.

I have no idea who gave her driver's lessons. There is never, never, never a time in which the merging traffic has the right of way (ie: a car driving on an open street like I was - is NEVER going to come to a complete stop nor YIELD to her).

She almost caused a big time accident with ME being the victim either with her hitting me or me moving left and crashing into someone else as I attempted to evade her car ramming me. It is possible that she could have come away unscathed while my car receiving damage from hitting the car on the left.

This episode ruined my morning until I regained my sanity.

Sure enough she turned into the parking lot of the local high school.

I will stay away from that place during this time interval the next time.

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