Monday, September 22, 2008

I Have To Agree With A Guest On Bill Moyers - "Individualized Profits, Nationalized Debt"

I watch Bill Moyer's Journal on a weekly basis. He makes no bones about his ideology. The current financial crisis in the USA has allowed him to ratchet up his sabre. His viewpoints cut the wrong way with me and his selection of guests only intensify this sentiment.

I am forced to agree with the statement of one particular New York Times business columnist who was a guest. He made the comment "today we have a system that provided for Individual Profits and then Nationalized Debts when it all went wrong".

This is a very astute comment of the current state of affairs.

This current system allowed certain well placed operatives to make money from the arrangements of the market. After the entire system failed - they looked to the same government that they had asked to "stay out of our bedroom" to come in and rescue them.


Blony said...

Here we go, Here we go again, same time, same place, Now you tell me, That she is just a friend! Here we go!!

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