Monday, September 29, 2008

AIG Owner Of Atlanta's Atlantic Station - Turned A Brown-field Into A Gold Mine

AJC: Subsidiary of big insurance company is majority owner of Atlanta development

On any given weekend evening you'll find a large crowd of young Atlantans "getting their groove on" in the newly developed "Atlantic Station". For years this patch of land sat abandoned. The shell of the steel mill that once operated there and the long abandoned union hall stood near by showing a time that had passed for this land that had no productive use. After hundreds of millions of dollars in land prep and clean up of this urban "brown-field", having been contaminated by the residue of capitalistic exploitation - Atlanta's heart started beating again as this planned community sprouted out of the ground.

The concept was to place one's residence, city-view and recreation, entertainment and job (business) all in one concentrated area. This was to be a model from which others would take note. This was done in the context of an anti-sprawl theme were all of the above accoutrements are now spread with double digit mileage and an hour's commute separating them today.

This dream was turned into reality by the two forces that drive capitalism - the desire to profit from one's plans and .......obtaining the seed money to make it all happen in the first place. There are plenty of dreams floating around in all of our heads. It took the MONEY from AIG to make it all happen.

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