Sunday, August 17, 2008

"Iron Man" Movie - A Super Hero Movie Filled With Hidden Messages

I took my kids to see "Iron Man" over the weekend.

Let me get past the surface comments: This was a great movie with great special effects and a good story line. It hit upon the classic "good versus evil" theme and was entertaining.

I could not help to notice some of the underlying messages in the movie:

* The "US Military Industrial Complex" having the US Government working for it

* The ability for the "US Government" to be bought

* The notion that corporations are "playing both sides" of the field in regards to global conflict and they have no national loyalties

Col. James 'Rhodey' Rhodes, the character played by actor Terrence Howard was the character that most closely portrayed the indistinguishable partition between corporations and the government. At the opening of the film this Air Force colonel flew on the private plane owned by Stark Industries, the weapons manufacturer. Tony stark was able to persuade him to lower all of his guard in protecting the interests and integrity of the US Air Force.

In the scene in which the new missile system built by Stark Industries was tested for the US Military it was Tony Stark, the weapons manufacturer who put on the show. I assure you in real life the tables are turned. It is the US Military that defines the specs for the missiles and the construct for the tests. In the Hollywood version of events - Tony Stark - high flying corporate elite - ran the show and the US Military as well.

Tony Stark, Iron Man was portrayed as being above the law. He was seen speeding in his expensive high performance automobiles without having to worry about any police man being around to give him and the personal attendant who had to follow him a ticket for speeding.

I doubt that a child viewing this movie would understand these messages that were inserted into the movie script. I have little doubt that there were put there for a particular purpose.

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