Thursday, July 24, 2008

Though They Make More Than Most CEOs.....These Men Will Not Be Attacked

Forbes Highest Paid Actors List

Its very strange how people think and react to certain information.

The news that the corporate executive that used to make no more than 40 times the amount of the rank and file workers but now makes 400 to 4000 times more draws outrage. "How dare they make so much money yet pay their workers a minimum wage?!?".

The truth is that the high flying corporate executives are often atop of financial or high tech firms and their compensations comes from stock related gains rather than a straight forward salary.

But what of these actors and entertainers? Where as a CEO who is paid a $35 million compensation package will draw a congressional investigation by the Democrats.....the news that Will Smith pulled in $100 million in cold cash last year - does not draw even a whimper from the usual suspects.

To add insult to injury - these are not corporate titans who employ tens of thousands of people. All likely have their own entertainment production companies that employ at most a couple hundred people. If there was a ratio of "personal wealth to employment generated" these entertainers would have numbers far larger than the CEOs who are so frequently subjected to attacks.

The truth is that the paying public are the ones who reach into their own wallets and drop down $10 to watch these guys in a movie. This is purely discretionary spending where as the balance of the corporations in existence make things that have a more tangible benefit to the consumer and the economy.

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