Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sudanese President Charged By The International Criminal Court

ICC Charges Sudanese President I assure you that President Omar al-Bashir is shaking in his boots from this action.The International Criminal Court is see as the "international law" by many who would love nothing else than to have the United Nations as the final word on all world matters. In my view President al-Bashir will live a long life, FREE of any concern that the "sheriffs" sent out from the ICC will bring him to the "arraingment hearing" to face his charges.This shows the key problem with those who see international affairs as a law enforcement matter rather than using military power to get show who "don't hear" to act within certain boundaries.I frequently make the case that certain operatives with a certain ideolgy have problems dealing with people who "DON'T GIVE A DAMN" about what they think and are not interested in living up to any particular set of standards. The moralizing that this highly intellectual crowd fails to move their intended target.In the wake of these legalisms - people continue to be exposed; people continue to die.

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