Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Public Lesbian Kiss In "Gay Friendly" Seattle

Article: Lesbian kiss at Mariners game stirs up Seattle

It so interesting that at the local NBA games they have the "Kiss Cam" gimmick in which they go around the arena with the camera prompting hetrosexual couples to kiss each other as their images are displayed on the "Jumbotron". The last scene is always a video shot at the opposing teams bench. The camera man frames two males in the scene and then the announcer yells out repeatedly "Kiss Cam! Kiss Cam!!". The audience bursts out in laughter.

Someday in the future - our societal norms will degrade to the point where the two male players, having expressed their love for each other will follow through and give each other "tongue".

This will be seen as a SOCIETAL ADVANCEMENT by some.

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