Thursday, June 5, 2008

New York City Taxi Cab

Despite Danny Glover's previous difficulty at hailing a cab in NYC I was able to do so quite easily. Trying to walk from Penn Station to my destination with two computer bags and a suitcase proved to be a challenge. When I found out that the street numbering had changed mid-way on the street that I was walking on and thus I had 11 more blocks to go rather than 1 I decided to catch a cab.

When the cabby dropped me off at my destination - I gave him a $10 and asked that he give me $2 back. He gave me a $1 and a $10 back. I told him "I am not going to take your money from you because I know you work hard for you money but you gave me too much money back." He saw his mistake and thanked me profusely. He said "Thank you - you are an honest man". The cabbie seemed to be from India.

Thinking about the difficulty of getting a cab up to the Bronx - I said "Now that you see that I am an honest man....who is Black - you will start driving people to the Bronx - right?". He laughed and said "No No No I don't do that. I am fair".

Now if I can only do something about the Black guy who was standing in front of a store as working people whizzed by him. He had some coins in his hand, jingling them around saying repeatedly "Can you help me out? Can you help me out?". I couldn't help but think - the best way to "help you out" is to do as these other people all around you are doing - GET A JOB rather than spending your time on the street begging them for their money. What do you have to offer in exchange?"

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