Sunday, June 29, 2008

African Leaders Unlikely To Confront Mugabe After "Election Win"

Clearly the "moral stance" claimed by many of these leaders when it comes to other issues doesn't span to include their ability to forthrightly condemn this man for his anti-democratic antics.

African Union not likely to confront Mugabe
Despite calls to isolate him, AU ready to greet dictator after disputed vote

SHARM EL-SHEIKH, Egypt - Fellow African leaders showed little willingness to stand up to President Robert Mugabe and condemn the longtime Zimbabwe ruler's disputed, violent reign Sunday ahead of his arrival at an African Union summit.

Despite international calls to isolate Mugabe, the AU readied to welcome him as a legitimate head of state.

"It will be none of this summit's business to choose the titles for leaders, it is the business of this summit to see what we are going to do for the suffering people and masses in Africa," Tanzanian Foreign Minister Bernard Membe remarked when asked if he would address Mugabe as president.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Contact High In Vegas

Right now I am sitting on the lawn of some amphitheater in Las Vegas attending the "Reggae In The Desert" concert.

True to the Woodstock athsmosphere there is a circle of White kids smoking weed in front of me.

I see several Bob Marley t-shirts as well as piercings on any number of body parts. There are more White folks here than Black - no problem at all. More of them have dreds in their hair than do the Jamaicans that are around.

Even the chronic candy that was banned where I live is on display here

I am now looking at a waif girl in front of me and then another girl with a ring through the septum of her nose.

In line with the anything goes style of Vegas no one has told them to put out the fire.

These are the people who will assist in electing our next president. We are screwed as a nation.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Amy Winehouse Sings "Racist" Song

This just proves to me that she is indeed a CRACK HEAD!

This fool and her fool girl friend believed that the camera was not recording when her loser ex-husband had it pointing at them. Drugs make you do crazy things.

I don't hand over my personal nor racial dignity for someone else to validate. This girl has major issues in her life. I like her one song but she looks like she is one injection away from an O.D.

Get help girlfriend.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

7 Year Old Causes Death For 10 Month Old

This is the type of story that breaks your heart.
On the one hand I know that my 7 year old has enough consciousness of mind to know that a baby is a human being and not a toy doll and thus throwing it on the floor would hurt it. At the same time the 7 year old might have been jealous and/or frustrated by the crying of the 10 month old and she acted out in such a way - unaware of the consequences of her actions.

I am sorry for the loss of the family of the 10 month old.
I am sorry for the situation that the family of the 7 year old is now in. There are no winners here. Jail time or juvenile detention is not going to change anything for a little girl of 7.

Please be clear - if she was 12 my views would be very, very different.

This is just sad.

Infant dies after thrown by child in daycare

PITTSBURGH — An 10-month old girl died Friday after a 7-year-old girl threw the baby to the floor at least twice at a Pittsburgh daycare center, police said.

Marcia Posten was pronounced dead at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh after being found unresponsive around noon at a daycare center run out of a private home, said Lt. Daniel Herrmann.

"Right now, we're discussing what we should do with the (7-year-old) girl," Herrmann said. "She is not going to be arrested." He said the girl will likely be evaluated by a psychiatrist.

Authorities haven't decided whether the girl will be returned to her parents or turned over the Allegheny County child welfare officials.

Police said a 20-year-old daycare provider was with six children in the basement of Bray's Family Day Care when she went upstairs to change a diaper.

The woman told investigators minutes later she heard something and went back into the basement and noticed Posten was on a love seat and not in the child's seat where she had left the infant, police said. The woman said the infant appeared to have blood near her ears.

The woman told police she called 911 immediately.

Investigators later learned the 7-year-old girl had taken infant out of the child's seat, police said.

The 7-year-old said she picked up Marcia and threw her to the floor at least twice, which is made of cement but covered by carpet, according to police.

Bray's Family Day Care was last licensed for two years in October 2006. It will remain open for now, Herrmann said. The county district attorney is evaluating the case to see if any charges against the daycare center operator are warranted, Herrmann said.

An autopsy is scheduled for Saturday.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Public Lesbian Kiss In "Gay Friendly" Seattle

Article: Lesbian kiss at Mariners game stirs up Seattle

It so interesting that at the local NBA games they have the "Kiss Cam" gimmick in which they go around the arena with the camera prompting hetrosexual couples to kiss each other as their images are displayed on the "Jumbotron". The last scene is always a video shot at the opposing teams bench. The camera man frames two males in the scene and then the announcer yells out repeatedly "Kiss Cam! Kiss Cam!!". The audience bursts out in laughter.

Someday in the future - our societal norms will degrade to the point where the two male players, having expressed their love for each other will follow through and give each other "tongue".

This will be seen as a SOCIETAL ADVANCEMENT by some.

New York City Taxi Cab

Despite Danny Glover's previous difficulty at hailing a cab in NYC I was able to do so quite easily. Trying to walk from Penn Station to my destination with two computer bags and a suitcase proved to be a challenge. When I found out that the street numbering had changed mid-way on the street that I was walking on and thus I had 11 more blocks to go rather than 1 I decided to catch a cab.

When the cabby dropped me off at my destination - I gave him a $10 and asked that he give me $2 back. He gave me a $1 and a $10 back. I told him "I am not going to take your money from you because I know you work hard for you money but you gave me too much money back." He saw his mistake and thanked me profusely. He said "Thank you - you are an honest man". The cabbie seemed to be from India.

Thinking about the difficulty of getting a cab up to the Bronx - I said "Now that you see that I am an honest man....who is Black - you will start driving people to the Bronx - right?". He laughed and said "No No No I don't do that. I am fair".

Now if I can only do something about the Black guy who was standing in front of a store as working people whizzed by him. He had some coins in his hand, jingling them around saying repeatedly "Can you help me out? Can you help me out?". I couldn't help but think - the best way to "help you out" is to do as these other people all around you are doing - GET A JOB rather than spending your time on the street begging them for their money. What do you have to offer in exchange?"

"Lethal Injection" vs "Cali Gay Marriage" - Different Judicial Responses

Recall earlier this year that when there was a ruling on the constitutionality of Lethal Injection - states around the world paused all executions until the process was completed.

Recently the Supreme Court of California, having ruled that prohibitions against same sex marriage was unconstitutional - despite the voice of the people saying otherwise was asked to delay the imposition of this ruling until the pending vote on a change in the constitution scheduled for November 2008. The California court refused to delay their mandate per the outcome of the vote of the people.

It appears that this court in California is quite hostile to the voice of the people.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Arianna Huffington = Circular Logic

Let me understand this per the argument made by Arianna Huffington during an interview with conservative commentator Laura Ingram.

Ms. Huffington stated that George W. Bush HAS FAILED in his foreign policy. AMERICA IS LESS SAFE TODAY then prior to his war of aggression. OK I understand.

But when the next series of questions came up where Ms. Ingram made the case that we have not had a terrorist attack at home since 9/11......Ms Huffington focused on the TERRORISTS and made the case that they ARE STILL AT IT, SEEKING TO DO US HARM.

Did you get the license plate number of that truck?

If your central focus is upon THE TERRORIST THREAT then why have you and your cronies on your blog site done nearly everything necessary to UNDERCUT any specific focus on TERRORISTS that even you say are plotting against us?

Indeed the "sex" might be better on the left but certainly the line of reasoning is not.

Using their focus we would thing that GEORGE W. BUSH is the bigger threat to the USA.