Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Republican Governor of Georgia Signs New Gun Rights Bill

Concealed weapons now allowed in parks, on public transportation

Good job Governor!!!

As a holder of a concealed carry permit for the state - I have done all that I needed to to be compliant in expressing my Second Amendment rights. Anyone who rationally thinks about the problems with guns in this society would make note that it is ILLEGAL GUNS that are the problem. They are likely carrying these guns on the public transportation vehicles and in restaurants already. They didn't give a damn about the restriction before - they don't give a damn about the new rights now. This right is for the holders of legal weapons.

Any thug carrying an illegal weapon is STILL subject to arrest. Now the question is - how long will the judge in that particular venue be willing to detain the individual?

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uncletedsnephew said...

the only thing we americans these days should be listening to about gun control is what ted nugent has to say his opinionis all that matters really