Monday, May 26, 2008

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann Made Me Laugh

While watching the only program that plays on MSNBC of any value - one of their prison review stories - I saw a commercial for the MSNBC election coverage in which Keith Olbermann was doing the voice over. He said something to the effect that "our nation needs to come together and PARTISANSHIP is a threat to this happening".

I laughed so hard and had to rewind the video to make sure that I was not having a dream.

Keith Olbermann asking America to NOT be partisan? Please fool!

Mr. Olbermann can start by taking his own medicine. I used to record this loathsome show on a daily basis just to compare the coverage between the various news outlets. Olbermann's show is not a news show. It is an advocacy show for his highly jaundiced perspective.

Just to give you a reference point of where I stand. I like the various shows on Link TV. I may not agree with their perspectives but at least I know that they are expressing their deep seeded views which they believe in. When I watch Olbermann I know that he is all about partisan propaganda. The same offense done by one party is not going to receive the same coverage as if the other party does it. While I frequently record Link TV, I can't stomach watching the Olbermann show any longer.

I have no problem having the loathsome Olbermann playing to his base. Just don't represent something that you are not. An on the level journalist or a credible source for news.

The prison overview series on MSNBC is more informative and meaningful to me than anything that Olbermann talks about.

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