Wednesday, May 21, 2008

George "Fiscal Responsibility" Bush Vetoes The Farm Bill

Article: Bush vetoes farm bill

WASHINGTON — President Bush vetoed the $300 billion farm bill on Wednesday, calling it a tax increase on regular Americans at a time of high food prices in the face of a near-certain override by Congress.

It was the 10th veto of Bush's presidency. But since it passed both houses of Congress with veto-proof majorities, his action will likely be overridden.

The president calls the legislation fiscally irresponsible and says it gives away too much money to wealthy farmers, yet his criticism didn't faze lawmakers from both parties who voted for increased crop subsidies, food stamps for the poor and other goodies to help their districts in an election year.

"At a time of high food prices and record farm income, this bill lacks program reform and fiscal discipline," Bush said in his veto statement to Congress. "It continues subsidies for the wealthy and increases farm bill spending by more than $20 billion, while using budget gimmicks to hide much of the increase."

George Bush cracks me up some times. In the closing year of his presidency he decides to be "fiscally responsible". He gives ammunition to his haters that he is inclined to cut domestic spending while has an open wallet for foreign wars and foreign reconstruction projects.

Give it up dude. You are rightfully called a "Tax Cut and Spend Republican". What you should have done when you had an all Republican Congress is to hold the line on spending back then. I am a supporter of the Iraq War as I support the idea of fighting Al Queda and who ever else chose to pore into Iraq as part of their "Kill The Infidel" activities. At the same time, however Bush thought that he could "buy" his way into his ideological enemies liking him. Despite increasing social programs more than even the great LBJ himself, Bush's adversaries still run out the "Tax Cut for the Rich" claim to negate all of the spending that is favorable to him. If this is what the label is already - why not make it so?

The words "fiscally irresponsible" should not come out of George W. Bush's mouth. When he had a chance to actually play the part - he squandered the opportunity.

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