Friday, May 23, 2008

Bill Moyers Says That Campaign Cash Is Perverting Our Democracy

Article: Obama leads McCain in campaign cash on hand

WASHINGTON — Democratic Sen. Barack Obama, his presidential money apparatus slowed only slightly, raised more than $31 million in April, outdistancing Republican John McCain, who nevertheless enjoyed his best fund-raising month yet.

Obama reported having more than $37 million in the bank at the beginning of May, a sizable sum considering that his biggest primary expenses were already behind him. Obama moved closer to the Democratic nomination Tuesday, but still faces three primaries against a financially weaker Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The former first lady raised about $22 million, aided by a stunning $10 million haul raised in the two days following her April 22 primary victory in Pennsylvania. It was her second best fund-raising month of the campaign.

McCain raised nearly $18 million in April as his presidential campaign consolidated his fund-raising base. He spent only about a third of that, capitalizing on his status as the Republican Party's presidential nominee-in-waiting.

Continuing the expansion of his fund-raising network, Obama's campaign reported nearly 1.5 million donors. With such extraordinary numbers behind him, Obama appears to have access to a continuing flow of money, though his April total was his smallest haul this year. Overall, he has raised close to $265 million in his White House bid.

Obama spent $36 million in April, exceeding his monthly fund-raising for the first time. He and Clinton competed vigorously in Pennsylvania, where he substantially outspent her. He also spent heavily during April in Indiana and North Carolina, which held their primaries on May 3. Obama lost Indiana narrowly and won in North Carolina.

McCain and Obama filed their financial data with the Federal Election Commission on Tuesday. Clinton was expected to file hers by Tuesday's midnight deadline.

McCain's finances are an important marker as he moves into direct competition with Obama, who has shown himself to be a fund-raiser without equal. McCain has been taking advantage of his status as the all-but-nominated Republican candidate, embracing the big donors from his vanquished foes and putting allies in charge of raising money at the Republican National Committee.

For some strange reason I figure that Moyers would choose to look at the great amount of cash raised by Obama by individual contributors and make the case that this is the "PEOPLE'S VOICE". What he will not look at is the fact that Obama and Hillary are receiving more CORPORATE MONEY than the Republicans are this year. Funny how it is all a matter of which things you choose to focus upon.

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