Friday, May 30, 2008

Ted Kennedy Fading As A Liberal Target

For me its simple. Ted Kennedy is a THREAT to anyone who has a bit of consciousness about them regarding the importance of INDEPENDENCE and ORGANICISM. He is of the belief that it is offensive to have people at the periphery to DO FOR SELF. Instead he believes that he is helping society and helping them as he shifts more burden off of their backs and onto the government and corporations and the common body.

I do not paint horns on this man.

I, as a Black man, am simply stepping back, making note of what my people need the most and realizing that it is NOT more shifting of our burdens onto another. We need more SYSTEMATIC means of addressing our problems within our "Friends and Family Plan".

In doing so we gain SKILLS, we enforce temperance within our culture and we create a model that can be picked up and replicated elsewhere.

The popular ideology that Kennedy and others promote will have lawsuits, regulation and legislation as a means of obtaining prosperity in pursuit of that LEVEL PLAYING FIELD that never seems to come. As long as their is an existing infrastructure to fight against - their movement has some effect. Put them on their own in the wilderness where their outcomes will be primarily based on their inputs - their screwed.

Ailing Kennedy fading as top target for right wing
Friday, May 30, 2008 6:39:15 AM

Republicans have raised many millions of dollars over the past three decades just invoking the name of Ted Kennedy.

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., was their poster child for liberals, the quintessential Washington tax-and-spender, a left-wing caricature to his conservative detractors.

But branding someone a "Ted Kennedy liberal" is slowly fading from the political lexicon.

Even before the diagnosis last week that Kennedy, 76, had a malignant brain tumor, conservatives' darts were being redirected at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., and the two Democrats vying for the Democratic nomination, Sens. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama.

Increasingly, Republican candidates for Congress are seeking to link their Democratic opponents to those names rather than just Kennedy alone.

Kennedy remains a favorite target of conservative activists and right-wing talk-show hosts, to be sure. But there has been a noticeable pivot recently.

Fox News' Sean Hannity says Obama is "more liberal than Ted Kennedy."

When Kennedy endorsed Obama, Rush Limbaugh invoked memories of "Camelot," but wound up suggesting that Bill and Hillary Clinton were "the evil knights hiding out in the woods to steal from everybody and get rid of people that get in their way."

It's not that the iconic liberal lion of Massachusetts has turned any less liberal. He remains one of the most outspoken critics of President Bush's Iraq war policy and a longtime unapologetic champion of cherished liberal causes.

It's just that his reputation as a consummate legislator and amiable Senate colleague has taken off much of the edge and helped to offset the darker depiction by some conservatives. Under the shadow of his illness, almost nobody is taking pot shots at him these days.

Alabama Republican House candidate Jay Love was running a campaign commercial that showed pictures of Pelosi, Clinton and Kennedy and vowed to work against "their" liberal agenda if elected. But after news of Kennedy's illness, the commercial was remade with Kennedy's image replaced by that of Democratic front-runner Obama.

Bush, who disparaged Kennedy during the 2000 presidential campaign, recently saluted him as "a man of tremendous courage, remarkable strength and powerful spirit."

"Take care of my friend," Bush told Kennedy's wife, Vicki.

Bush has hosted Kennedy socially at the White House and worked with him to pass two of his major domestic initiatives, the No Child Left Behind education law and a Medicare prescription drug benefit.

Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch, about as conservative a Republican as they come, shed tears over the news that Kennedy had a brain tumor, calling Kennedy "a brother."

"Despite the angry rhetoric that sometimes came from the right, smart people within the Senate understood that if you worked with Senator Kennedy, you were going to get things done," said Jim Manley, who worked for Kennedy for many years before signing on as a spokesman for Reid.

As to the "Kennedy Liberal" label, "that always made him laugh. He reveled in it," said Manley. "He understood that it was an implicit acknowledgment of how effective you are. I think it's a natural part of politics: You're always looking for some bogeyman."

It wasn't only his liberalism that made Kennedy an easy target for the right. His lifestyle, his drinking and womanizing in the 1980s, and more recently his substantial weight, have played into the attacks. Ann Coulter, the conservative author and commentator, calls him "Senator Drunkennedy," for instance

The 1969 automobile accident at Chappaquiddick, Mass., that resulted in the death of a young Pennsylvania woman, Mary Jo Kopechne, has long shadowed Kennedy.

Things began to change in the 1990s when President Clinton and his wife became the new punching bags for the right. In 2004, fellow Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry, the Democratic presidential nominee, joined them as a prime target.

Speaking to a conservative audience in May 2004 as he sought re-election, Bush suggested that Kerry's voting record was so liberal that it made Kennedy look like "the conservative senator from Massachusetts."

"That's a heck of a feat," Bush said to laughter.

Even so, Kennedy was still mentioned in some Republican stump speeches, particularly in the conservative South.

Former Sen. Don Nickles, R-Okla., speaking at an Oklahoma fundraiser in 2004 for Republican Senate candidate Tom Coburn, said a vote for Coburn's opponent "is a vote for Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton to run the Senate. ... If we don't win this seat, we won't be in control of the Senate. It's that important."

Kennedy, meanwhile, has emerged with more respect from lawmakers in both parties.

"He's been around so long he knows the ins and outs of the rules," said James Thurber, a political scientist at American University and former aide to Hubert Humphrey. "He knows how to reach out and put his arm around somebody and say, `Can't you go along with me on this one?' He's the way the Senate used to work."

"There's a real reservoir of affection for him, but also an understanding that he more than anybody has been the glue keeping the place together," said Norman Ornstein, a congressional scholar with the American Enterprise Institute.

Hillary Rodham Clinton could do worse than following Kennedy's example should she lose her presidential bid, Ornstein added. "It shows you can become a force of nature if you've got talent and personality and the ability to build alliances."

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Damn - Glad That's Not Me

6 lions eat South African man

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa — Police say six caged lions left only fingers and intestines after eating a worker giving them water.

The lions attacked the 49-year-old man Tuesday after he went inside their cage to deliver water, police said Wednesday.

The man had been working at the Uitspan game farm in northwest South Africa for at least two years, police said. No one witnessed the attack.

Environmental affairs was called to the game farm, which cages lions and other animals for tourists' viewing, to discus the fate of the lions.

Monday, May 26, 2008

MSNBC's Keith Olbermann Made Me Laugh

While watching the only program that plays on MSNBC of any value - one of their prison review stories - I saw a commercial for the MSNBC election coverage in which Keith Olbermann was doing the voice over. He said something to the effect that "our nation needs to come together and PARTISANSHIP is a threat to this happening".

I laughed so hard and had to rewind the video to make sure that I was not having a dream.

Keith Olbermann asking America to NOT be partisan? Please fool!

Mr. Olbermann can start by taking his own medicine. I used to record this loathsome show on a daily basis just to compare the coverage between the various news outlets. Olbermann's show is not a news show. It is an advocacy show for his highly jaundiced perspective.

Just to give you a reference point of where I stand. I like the various shows on Link TV. I may not agree with their perspectives but at least I know that they are expressing their deep seeded views which they believe in. When I watch Olbermann I know that he is all about partisan propaganda. The same offense done by one party is not going to receive the same coverage as if the other party does it. While I frequently record Link TV, I can't stomach watching the Olbermann show any longer.

I have no problem having the loathsome Olbermann playing to his base. Just don't represent something that you are not. An on the level journalist or a credible source for news.

The prison overview series on MSNBC is more informative and meaningful to me than anything that Olbermann talks about.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Bill Moyers Says That Campaign Cash Is Perverting Our Democracy

Article: Obama leads McCain in campaign cash on hand

WASHINGTON — Democratic Sen. Barack Obama, his presidential money apparatus slowed only slightly, raised more than $31 million in April, outdistancing Republican John McCain, who nevertheless enjoyed his best fund-raising month yet.

Obama reported having more than $37 million in the bank at the beginning of May, a sizable sum considering that his biggest primary expenses were already behind him. Obama moved closer to the Democratic nomination Tuesday, but still faces three primaries against a financially weaker Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The former first lady raised about $22 million, aided by a stunning $10 million haul raised in the two days following her April 22 primary victory in Pennsylvania. It was her second best fund-raising month of the campaign.

McCain raised nearly $18 million in April as his presidential campaign consolidated his fund-raising base. He spent only about a third of that, capitalizing on his status as the Republican Party's presidential nominee-in-waiting.

Continuing the expansion of his fund-raising network, Obama's campaign reported nearly 1.5 million donors. With such extraordinary numbers behind him, Obama appears to have access to a continuing flow of money, though his April total was his smallest haul this year. Overall, he has raised close to $265 million in his White House bid.

Obama spent $36 million in April, exceeding his monthly fund-raising for the first time. He and Clinton competed vigorously in Pennsylvania, where he substantially outspent her. He also spent heavily during April in Indiana and North Carolina, which held their primaries on May 3. Obama lost Indiana narrowly and won in North Carolina.

McCain and Obama filed their financial data with the Federal Election Commission on Tuesday. Clinton was expected to file hers by Tuesday's midnight deadline.

McCain's finances are an important marker as he moves into direct competition with Obama, who has shown himself to be a fund-raiser without equal. McCain has been taking advantage of his status as the all-but-nominated Republican candidate, embracing the big donors from his vanquished foes and putting allies in charge of raising money at the Republican National Committee.

For some strange reason I figure that Moyers would choose to look at the great amount of cash raised by Obama by individual contributors and make the case that this is the "PEOPLE'S VOICE". What he will not look at is the fact that Obama and Hillary are receiving more CORPORATE MONEY than the Republicans are this year. Funny how it is all a matter of which things you choose to focus upon.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

George "Fiscal Responsibility" Bush Vetoes The Farm Bill

Article: Bush vetoes farm bill

WASHINGTON — President Bush vetoed the $300 billion farm bill on Wednesday, calling it a tax increase on regular Americans at a time of high food prices in the face of a near-certain override by Congress.

It was the 10th veto of Bush's presidency. But since it passed both houses of Congress with veto-proof majorities, his action will likely be overridden.

The president calls the legislation fiscally irresponsible and says it gives away too much money to wealthy farmers, yet his criticism didn't faze lawmakers from both parties who voted for increased crop subsidies, food stamps for the poor and other goodies to help their districts in an election year.

"At a time of high food prices and record farm income, this bill lacks program reform and fiscal discipline," Bush said in his veto statement to Congress. "It continues subsidies for the wealthy and increases farm bill spending by more than $20 billion, while using budget gimmicks to hide much of the increase."

George Bush cracks me up some times. In the closing year of his presidency he decides to be "fiscally responsible". He gives ammunition to his haters that he is inclined to cut domestic spending while has an open wallet for foreign wars and foreign reconstruction projects.

Give it up dude. You are rightfully called a "Tax Cut and Spend Republican". What you should have done when you had an all Republican Congress is to hold the line on spending back then. I am a supporter of the Iraq War as I support the idea of fighting Al Queda and who ever else chose to pore into Iraq as part of their "Kill The Infidel" activities. At the same time, however Bush thought that he could "buy" his way into his ideological enemies liking him. Despite increasing social programs more than even the great LBJ himself, Bush's adversaries still run out the "Tax Cut for the Rich" claim to negate all of the spending that is favorable to him. If this is what the label is already - why not make it so?

The words "fiscally irresponsible" should not come out of George W. Bush's mouth. When he had a chance to actually play the part - he squandered the opportunity.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hugo Chavez Has Ties To The Leftist FARC Rebells - And To The Hollywood Left

Which of these men do you believe?

Hugo Chavez

Or the guy from Interpol?

Article: Authenticated Documents Put Pressure On Venezuela's Chavez to Explain Damning FARC Ties

BOGOTA, Colombia — The onus is now on Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to explain evidence of his apparently intimate ties to Colombia's main guerrilla army.

Interpol on Thursday endorsed the authenticity of computer files seized in a rebel camp, announcing that Colombia did not tamper with documents indicating Chavez sought to finance and arm the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC.

Venezuelan officials set up contacts with Australian arms dealers and arranged for missile training in the Middle East, according to the documents, which were on computer hard drives seized by Colombia and obtained by the Washington Post.

Yet Chavez responded sarcastically to Interpol's conclusions.

"Do you think we should waste time here on something so ridiculous?" he told reporters in Caracas.

Chavez has denied providing the FARC material support, but did not address the issue directly on Thursday. Instead, he called Interpol's secretary general, Ronald Noble, "a tremendous actor," "Mr. Ignoble" and an "immoral police officer who applauds killers."

Friday, May 16, 2008

Bin Laden: Palestinian cause fuels holy war

That settles it for me.
Let's just give them Israel and the world we be at peace!!!

Bin Laden: Palestinian cause fuels holy war

CAIRO, Egypt — Al-Qaida will continue its holy war against Israel and its allies until it liberates Palestine, Osama bin Laden said in a new audio statement Friday.

The message came as President Bush wrapped up his visit to Israel to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Jewish state.

Bin Laden says the fight for the Palestinian cause is the most important factor driving al-Qaida's war with the West and fueled the Sept. 11 attacks.

The authenticity of the close to 10 minute message could not be verified, but it was posted on a Web site commonly used by al-Qaida.

Then again. Maybe Bin Laden is a CIA operative and thus the timing of the release of these words was coordinated.

Now I See Why Charles Barkley Doesn't Like "Judgmental" People

(Note: I had no intentions of finding a picture of Barkley that would be slanderous in any way. This picture of him kissing a ref, however, jumped out at me as bizarre so I had to use it.)

The "judgmental people" might say something to him about his problem.

Now get this Barkley is supposed to be "a man of the poor" per his recent comments. And let me be clear. I am as capitalistic as they come. This is his money and he can do whatever he chooses with it. HOWEVER - when you label yourself in a certain way and then are critical of others - conservatives - for not being that way - how is it that you defend this lifestyle when......3 homes for the poor could have been purchased with this money?

Barkley says he'll pay huge gambling debt
Associated Press Writer

LAS VEGAS — Charles Barkley acknowledged he owes a $400,000 gambling debt to a Las Vegas Strip casino and promised Thursday to repay it after a prosecutor said the retired NBA star faced criminal charges. "My mistake," Barkley said in an interview at a pro-am golf tournament in Hoover, Ala. "I'm not broke, and I'm going to take care of it."

Barkley was responding to comments by Clark County District Attorney David Roger, who said prosecutors would file a criminal complaint if he did not pay the debt cited by the Wynn Las Vegas resort.
"He'll have an opportunity like anybody else to make restitution to the hotel," Roger said.

The casino alleged in a civil complaint filed Wednesday in a Nevada state court and first reported by the Las Vegas Sun that Barkley failed to repay four $100,000 casino markers, or loans, received last Oct. 18 and 19.

"To date, and despite repeated demands, Barkley has refused to repay the $400,000," the complaint said.

In a radio interview with sports station WJOX in Birmingham, Ala., Barkley repeatedly blamed himself for letting the debt lapse.

He told radio interviewers and a reporter at the golf tournament that the debt stemmed from a wager on the 2008 Super Bowl. He did not explain why Wynn alleged the loans were made in October.

"I've been gambling 20 years. I've never had this happen before," the 45-year-old Barkley told WJOX. "It's my fault I let the time lapse. I screwed up."

Barkley, now a basketball analyst for Turner Network Television, denied any personal financial problems, and said the casino didn't call him before filing the complaint.

"All they had to do is call and say, 'Hey, you owe us this money,'" he said.

A Wynn Las Vegas spokeswoman did not immediately respond to Barkley's comments. A hotel official earlier declined comment on the court case, citing ongoing litigation.

Barkley could be granted up to six months to pay if he agrees to the standard district attorney's office restitution program, bad check unit chief Bernie Zadrowski said. He would be responsible for the $400,000 plus a 10 percent program fee totaling $40,000.

Roger said that if the case remains unresolved, as many as four felony theft or four felony bad check charges could be filed. The possible penalty for each theft conviction is one to 10 years in state prison. A conviction on a felony bad check charge could carry a one- to four-year term.

Barkley played 16 NBA seasons for the Philadelphia 76ers, Phoenix Suns and Houston Rockets. He was named league MVP in 1993 and was an 11-time NBA All-Star. Barkley also played on the USA Olympic "Dream Team" in 1992 and 1996.

Barkley has made no secret of his gambling over the years. He estimated during a May 2006 interview with ESPN that he'd gambled away about $10 million over the years.

"Do I have a gambling problem? Yeah, I do have a gambling problem," Barkley said. "But I don't consider it a problem because I can afford to gamble."

He said he never bet on basketball, and only bet in casinos. He called it a bad habit, but said he intended to continue.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Republican Governor of Georgia Signs New Gun Rights Bill

Concealed weapons now allowed in parks, on public transportation

Good job Governor!!!

As a holder of a concealed carry permit for the state - I have done all that I needed to to be compliant in expressing my Second Amendment rights. Anyone who rationally thinks about the problems with guns in this society would make note that it is ILLEGAL GUNS that are the problem. They are likely carrying these guns on the public transportation vehicles and in restaurants already. They didn't give a damn about the restriction before - they don't give a damn about the new rights now. This right is for the holders of legal weapons.

Any thug carrying an illegal weapon is STILL subject to arrest. Now the question is - how long will the judge in that particular venue be willing to detain the individual?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Jay Bookman Says That ISRAEL Must Compromise?

Blog: In long run, Israel will have to compromise

This is my common refrain and my frustration with Liberals.

Notice that Jay Bookman puts the onus on ISRAEL to compromise. Does anyone notice that he doesn't place any burden upon Israel's enemies?

How long have I been saying that liberals need someone WHO GIVES A DAMN ABOUT WHAT THEY THINK in order to have their views work? Bookman knows that it would be a waste of time to ask "Iran to compromise" because they would laugh at him for talking reasonably to them.

What a waste of print space.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Popular Liberal Talkshow Host Caught In Child Porn Sting - No Big Deal

Sick Bastard

Bernie Ward admits to child porn in plea deal

Bernie Ward, the most prominent liberal voice on Bay Area talk radio for more than two decades, admitted Thursday to distribution of child pornography by e-mail in a plea deal that will send him to federal prison for at least five years.

Ward, 57, a former Roman Catholic priest, was a fixture on KGO-AM 810 for three hours every weeknight, known in recent years for his fervent denunciations of President Bush and the war in Iraq during his news talk show. He also hosted "God Talk," a Sunday morning program on religion, and was a prolific fundraiser for the station's charity drives.

But his career disintegrated Dec. 6 with the unsealing of a federal grand jury indictment, issued three months earlier, that charged him with two counts of distributing and one count of receiving Internet images of child pornography. KGO fired him Dec. 31.

Myanmar - My Theory On LOGISTICS Remains Intact

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand. The key to any rescue effort resides in the execution of a LOGISTICAL PLAN.

I made this point right after Hurricane Katrina in the USA where we saw great public outrage regarding the execution of the emergency response efforts. Where as most people turned it all into a political attack as the live streaming television cameras documented the human misery of Americans that Americans are not used to see other Americans experiencing - the fact remains that between the shout of "DO SOMETHING!" and the actual arrival of substantive aid - there is a bunch of logistical challenges that must be addressed.

For those on the ground attempting to respond to this human suffering - a convoy of 100 trucks with supplies is only as strong as that one bridge that has been washed out which severs the roadway links into the area under distress. For me in my unique position as a communications consultant for many of these "first responder" agencies I have heard over the last few years in the course of my work their views of what had happened on the Gulf Coast and how this was the worst of the worst scenario for them to experience as the primary and then the back up plans were all washed away in the storm. There is little that separates Americans from other "real people" in the rest of the world when our advanced systems are rendered inoperable by the much more powerful force called "Mother Nature".

I still recall seeing the scene in New Orleans where the one newspaper vending machine was frozen in time, still displaying the edition of the paper the day just prior to the storm. Since there was no human being who could perform the task of putting in a new paper (because the newspaper's publishing arm had shut down and they instead turned to the web.) and there was no human customer around who wanted to purchase the papers out of this box - the contents of the box remained frozen in time. LOGISTICS regarding the supply and consumption of this item that was for sale out of this steel box came to a halt.

In listening to the challenges with the relief efforts in Myanmar again I heard the term "Logistics" being used by those who are attempting to deliver aid to the people who are desperately in need. Now clearly those who are demanding aid have little appetite for listening to the details about "logistical challenges". For them they are an "army of one". Their own concerns for survival and their family's needs are paramount to them. For an emergency aid agency, however, those who are "logistically challenged" are bound by the facts on the ground that are impeding their delivery of these goods. In this particular case their attempts to distribute goods and emergency services to the people who need it the most is being blocked by a totalitarian government.

In Myanmar the complication is that the totalitarian government seeks to receive the supplies at the ports and distribute it themselves. The government has a woefully inadequate logistical plan in place. There are only 7 helicopters for the entire distressed region - according to a news report that I just saw. Most of the transportation of aid will be by military trucks. The aid agencies who are seeking permission to enter the country are better supplied with small trucks and boats as well as professional training on the subject which could greatly supplement the capabilities of the government. This is worse than a bridge being washed out over the Mississippi River! For this challenge there are pontoon bridges or air drops that can be made. When the GOVERNMENT which is armed with munitions are in the way - there is little that one can do.

In comparing this disaster in Myanmar with the other two recent situations - Hurricane Katrina and the Tsunami it is clear to me at least that the Typhoon in Myanmar and the Tsunami in the same general region are better reference models in regards to how the "rest of the world" lives and the standards that they live within as compared to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina where a highly concentrated demand for emergency services too a few days too long to reach them but once the system of recovery and extended aide was put into action the people were recovered far, far, far more comprehensively than the bamboo residences that the people of Myanmar lived in prior to the storm and there after.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

USS Cole Bombers Released - Atleast They Weren't Tourtured :-/

Probe of USS Cole bombing unravels
U.S. efforts frustrated as plotters are freed in Yemen

No doubt that the anti-war left is both proud and pacified.

A week after the Cole bombing, President Bill Clinton vowed to hunt down the plotters and promised, "Justice will prevail." In March 2002, President Bush said his administration was cooperating with Yemen to prevent it from becoming "a haven for terrorists." He added: "Every terrorist must be made to live as an international fugitive with no place to settle or organize, no place to hide, no governments to hide behind and not even a safe place to sleep."

Since then, Yemen has refused to extradite Badawi and an accomplice to the United States, where they have been indicted on murder charges. Other Cole conspirators have been freed after short prison terms. At least two went on to commit suicide attacks in Iraq.

"After we worked day and night to bring justice to the victims and prove that these Qaeda operatives were responsible, we're back to square one," said Ali Soufan, a former FBI agent and a lead investigator into the bombing. "Do they have laws over there or not? It's really frustrating what's happening."

To this day, al-Qaeda trumpets the attack on the Cole as one of its greatest military victories. It remains an improbable story: how two suicide bombers smiled and waved to unsuspecting U.S. sailors in Aden's harbor as they pulled their tiny fishing boat alongside the $1 billion destroyer and blew a gaping hole in its side.

Nice Family Profile On ABC Lebron, How About Marrying The Mother Of Your Two Children?

Lebron - I am feeling you about that "Father Figure" thing that you mention on your family profile during the halftime show on ABC's playoff broadcast.

This motivated me to go to your Wikipedia page to read up on your personal bio. I see that you have two children with your "high school sweetheart" and that you live with her per the video on ABC. They said nothing about you being married to the mother of your children.

In my opinion (not that it matters) you can seal the deal about that RESPONSIBLE father figure issue by MARRYING HER to show your commitment to her.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

"Progressive" Cuba Begins To Sell Personal Computers To Its Commrades

Cuba puts first computers on sale to public

Maybe the END of the Perpetual Revolution will be streamed rather than televised? I bet there are hundreds of thousands of Cubans who can't wait for that day.

Another despised restriction on daily life falls with Raul Castro in charge

Hey now they can download Internet porn like the rest of us!!